10 games to play with your kiddies!! 

Like any parent with a little crazy and yet a very busy family life, we love to have some peace and quiet and just leave the kids to play on their own, but there are also hours in the day when we get a chance to play alongside our kids…I typically love a walk in the woods or a play at the park but one on one games/challenges are just as fun.

As I spend a lot of time at home (SAHM) I need me time but I also find games I can play with the kids. If there are any you play then keep me posted! 

I have put together a list of games me and the kids play…

  1. Uno- Our top game at the moment. This is a real ‘family’ game and even my little 4 year old is a pro. The kids both get to learn turn taking and understand rules of the game, but it can get quite competitive too!!
  2. Play dough masterpiece competition- fun ways to get involved with an easy competition and create a model from scratch. Really fun and really funny creations can be made. 
  3. Kims game- this was a game I learnt while I was working with children. It’s a great game to develop memory skills. Check out How to play… and have a great game with the kids. See how good your memory is! 
  4. Hangman- another fab family game. Hubby and I started playing again while the kids would be playing at the local soft play. Now our son has shown a huge interest too. It really encourages him to better his spelling, help to learn decoding words and just have fun. He loves playing. 
  5. Duvet den- a fab and fun way to enjoy the indoors while the weather is a little crappy should I say😉!! Role play area or a mini sensory space. Even a little library/music area. Anyway to keep the kids amused lol 
  6. Wii bowling match- yet another great game for the family (if you have the wii) my youngest is a little too young and doesn’t quite understand what she needs to do but she loves watching. Oscar (my eldest) can get very competitive but so can I. I am the family champion to be honest!! 
  7. Flying a kite- we don’t often get a chance to fly a kite but it’s such a fun thing to do on a windy day. Kits are not too expensive and any age can give it a go. 
  8. Kick about (football)- my eldest would happily go out for a kick about at anytime. He loves football and loves playing with his dad or with friends at the park. Me…I won’t have a full on game but a kick back and forth to each other does me fine. 
  9. Storytelling with role play- I love reading to the kids and my littlest loves it the most. She also loves to dress up and join in while I read…setting up a picnic (tiger comes for tea) etc! 
  10. Baking cakes and cookies- of course another favourite in our family is baking together. We love it. They both love to help with adding Ingrediants, mixing and of course licking the bowl and spoons. 

Please let me know what games you like to play with your kids. Any ideas?! 

Thanks for reading xox 😘

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