Surviving Sundays as a Parent!

Sundays used to be lay in’s and breakfast in bed and catching up with friends and Sunday lunches at the pub…

Sunday’s before kids were great and yes Sunday’s as a parent are great too…cuddles in bed with your babies, baking Sunday treats with the kids and going on winter/Summer walks  with the family are special memories made. 

When the hubby isn’t working we love to just ‘be’ together, but as the school years go on and there is more homework to be done, more writing and more research comes in to play and that’s when parenting becomes a challenge. 

Do you have patience? Can you be understanding? Do you get easily stressed? Do you choose the right times to partake in homework? Do you bribe the kids? 

I ask these questions because 1) I DONT HAVE PATIENCE 2) I CAN BE UNDERSTANDING but I am also quite military and a huge perfectionist (awful I know, but I hope it’s a good thing, SOMETIMES) 3) I GET EASILY STRESSED OF COURSE, if you don’t then you’re full of crap lol 😉 4) I GUESS I MIGHT NOT ALWAYS CHOOSE THE RIGHT TIME TO DO HW and 5)…of course I BRIBE!

Sunday seems to be the day that most parents crack down on homework and express there ‘delight’ in sitting down with the kids and finish off a piece of work that needs to be in on Monday. Facebook is very popular with parents writing ‘Its Sunday, that only means one thing, HOMEWORK TIME,’ How can we turn this dreaded time from bad to good?!

A lot of kids receive their homework on a Thursday or Friday and some friends I know get the work done straight away and ‘bribe’ the kids with a fun weekend at theme parks or cinema trips. This is a trick we used to do but since we moved, I have still been out of sink and not completely settled with the ‘new school’ homework routine.

I still have lots to learn when it comes to homework and undergoing homework in a peaceful environment, but here are a few tips and helpful ways to make homework a much more enjoyable experience (I hope I can bring these helpful tips into practice myself)

  • Choose a good time of day when the kids are ready, (warn them) make up a routine for the day and allow them to see when homework will have to be done in writing.
  • Make sure they are fed and watered.
  • Make sure they have had their toilet break too – my son will find anyway to distract himself.
  • Bring out all the necessary items you might need i.e computer (research) pencils, rubber, homework books etc
  • If you have other kiddies (younger or older) get them to find something to do in another room so there are no distractions.
  • BREATHE…every second you can lol if it’s allowed lol have a vodka and Coke beside you (I’m not talking get tipsy) lol
  • I found this message, I feel all parents must read…  
  • Maybe choose the ‘harder’ homework to do first so it’s out of the way.
  • Instead of doing it ALL in one day, maybe do a couple bits of the homework each day. A teacher from Oscars school said that doing the homework in small batches makes for better work, so that way mum and child are not stressing out to much. Well that’s easy said than done lol! 
  • Reward them if it’s been a success, with a play on the Wii or iPad or a trip to the park.

Do you have any tips for myself or other mums/dads that you use during homework sessions? 

Hope homework gets easier…oh wait wishful thinking lol

Thanks for reading xox 

Stressed out MUM-Parenting!

Parenting can be such great fun and can certainly be very rewarding but I also have very ‘scream in the pillow’ and ‘grey hairs’ kinda days/weeks.

My son is 7 going on 17 and yes he knows EVERYTHING and strops like you won’t believe. Drives me up the wall, but of course I love him so very much!

My daughter is 4 and yes she is such a little princess lol! 

I am a SAHM and I love spending this time with them, picking them up from school/nursery, going on play dates etc but I do feel like my brain is slightly shrivelled up and I don’t quite know who ‘Shannan’ is anymore. All I seem to be is MUM not just SHANNAN!! 

As much as I’d like to go back to work, I can’t as Caitlyn’s nursery haven’t any more space for her to go longer in the day. This month we find out about schools-can’t wait! September can’t come any sooner but the. I also don’t want my last little ‘baby’ to grow and change into a ‘BIG GIRL’ as she says.

I do find I have days when I’m constantly shouting, screaming and moaning. The kids don’t want to listen to me, are cheeky and are just playing up, probably because I’m so moody and shouty. Half the time I know it’s premenstral but deep down…I’m tired, bored and need to find something for me to do. That’s why I stared blogging. 

Do any of you mums know what I’m talking about. I’m always looking up ways to find calm and patients and Pinterest is always a good guide. 

Here are a few ideas Iv found for me to look through! 

It’s the holidays and sometimes I really looking forward to them and look forward to fun days out…but sometimes I feel nervous (am I going to shout all holiday?) why can’t I say to myself “relax women and enjoy” is there something wrong with me?! 

How can I be cross with these two!!

 But then on dodgy days I’m like…⤵️

I think deep down I must be too hard on myself and yes I must calm down a little…they are only little for such a short time! 

Hope you enjoyed the read! XoX

Parent…Mum – Oh the joys!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was in complete and utter shock (not planned) we had just got engaged the year before 2006 and had just moved into our first home together.
The nerves and anxiety although very tough in the beginning, seemed to come over us soon after I knew mum was happy about the situation lol

Wow was she shocked… The thought of being a ‘granny’ at 45 (although l it’s not like I was a young mother…I was 24) scared her to bits lol! But she got over it once she was told that she was a GG ‘Glamorous Granny’!
Mum instantly wanted to be a ‘nana’ not ‘granny’ when she got used to the idea lol!

A couple days in, we were very happy with the idea of being parents and thought about what we needed to do and how we needed to be, to be the BEST parents we could.
•Will we have a natural or c section?
We had a very long natural birth.

•Will we bottle feed or breast feed?
I tried so very hard to breast with my first but he wasn’t latching and it was making me bleed and scream in pain. I even syringed the colostrum and gave it that way but I was just getting very frustrated and he was a very hungry baby, I had to just ask for bottles and we were certainly happy with that decision.

•What routine will we implement?
We loved the 7 11 3 and 7 feeding pattern and worked around that when it came to sleep, play and meal times.

•How will we cope with sleepless nights?
Wasn’t so bad. You just enjoy the night time feeds as best you can and enjoy a 1000 and 1 cups of coffee lol! Slept through at 8 weeks.

All we could think about was what kind of parents will we be!

I found the first 2 years to be amazing…I was a working mum and loved the time I got to spend with my family.
Baby number 2 arrived in 2010…
I went along with bottle feeding again as that was what we were happy with last time, 7 11 3 and 7 routine worked out well again with baby 2 and yea more sleepless nights but thank god baby #2 slept through in her own bed by 10 weeks.

Hubby and I went through a lot those first couple years but parenting and rules always came first and the kids make us proud each and everyday.

Parenting has surely tested me in so many ways….but mainly my patients. I honestly thought I had patients, well I sure did in the first 3 years of their lives…but now at 4 and 7 they understand more, answer back (with good arguments lol) and now how to make me feel bad grrrrrr! Cheeky buggers!
BUT I wouldn’t change it for the world. They drive me up the way, give me grey hairs and I shout (possibly for aliens to hear on Mars) but the love and cuddles and kind words I hear on the ‘odd occasion’ 🙂 make me so very happy to be THEIR mum!

Love you OJ & CJ ❤️ xox