Oscar’s Top 3 Gowns!

Now I wasn’t able to see the Oscars last night as we don’t have Sky 😦 (very sad face) love the glitz and glamour of it all.
But have been catching up on E Oscar’s Live from the Red Carpet and I just love a look at all their stunning gowns.

1) My top dress and my very favourite actress Jennifer Anniston 🙂

Completely flawless and stunning:) just love this dress. What do you think?

2) She has got to be another one of my favourite actresses Reese Witherspoon ….she looks stunning in this very simple dress 🙂 flawless of course!

3) This dress is just very princess and I love the simple colour 🙂 so very jel of all these dresses…if only I had an event to go to just to wear a dress like these.


What did you think of the Oscars? Did you watch it?

Hope to hear from you xox