Family Day in London…

It’s half term holidays and there is only one important trip at the top of our list… A day in London.

When I first moved to London nearly 19 years ago, we did the whole ‘touristy’ thing! Museums, palaces, parks etc but hubby not so much. Yes he is from London himself but it’s sad when you think there are so many people in this wonderful country who have never ventured out of the UK (no passports) and have also never seen what London or England have to offer.

So we always try to make sure we visit new places or at least pop into London (only 20 mins on the train) and enjoy the surroundings 🙂

We planned to visit the Imperial War Museum.

We left the house, successful walk to the station and the kids were great on the train enjoying snacks and playing eye spy of course…what do you play when you’re traveling?
I’m not a huge fan when it comes to children and the underground, my brain is on overdrive:
•keep the kids close
•hold hands
Drives me crazy!

But we arrived at the Imperial War Museum safely 🙂

The kids were so happy and excited…but when we walked into the door, bored faces appeared and “is there a soft play here” squeaked out my daughters mouth lol Oh great this is gonna be fun lol!
It actually was, they loved it and really enjoyed looking at all was to offer. Although very hungry, I made sure my bag was filled up with snacks just so they could cope better with the long walk around the museum.

OJ loved the war cars and aeroplanes hanging from above and I don’t think CJ had any favourite part, she still would have just preferred the soft play lol!
Myself and hubby on the other hand found the Holocaust Room simply mind blowing….next time we plan to visit ‘ChildFree’ just so we can take it in more and actually read more of what happened!

We ended the day with a yummy lunch at Planet Hollywood. The food was great, service was brilliant and the kids loved it-what else matters 🙂

Here are our fab fotos of our family day out 🙂 xox











5 TOP February Half Term Day’s Out…

Wow, can’t believe it’s February half term already. Still only seems like christmas was just yesterday!

The question on every mum and dad’s mind is, what the hell do I do with the kids?! My kids can drive me up the wall if stuck indoors for to long. Its like I keep them caged and they never see the light…

Why is it that when you make plans for the afternoon the kids play so beautifully together, no fighting, no moaning in the mornings and then trying to get them out the house is a mission, but if we decided to have a lazy day and go no where, that they then decide to misbehave, argue with each other or better yet moan they are bored. Drives me up the wall.

Then the weather doesn’t help when it still feels so frosty and cold, we struggle to come up with exciting ideas to keep the kids entertained. Do we venture outdoors? Farm’s and zoo’s are always a great idea and the kids love it, so here are a few places my way that we love to visit.

  • Brockets Farm, Leatherhead Surrey
  • Godstone Farm, Godstone Surrey
  • Dean City Farm, Morden South London
  • London Zoo, Regents Park London

We also love to visit London town and it only seems to be half term holidays that we take a trip on the trains, underground and buses. So here are our TOP 5 things to do/places to go this February half term 2015

  1. children-south-bank-centreImagine Children’s Festival  – South Bank Centre  – This event is running now up until 22nd February. There are so many things to do and keep busy including theatre shows, dance, music and readings from top author’s.
  2. Croydon Play frameKidspace – Croydon – We are lucky to have an annual membership for this fab indoor play area. Can’t say no to £15 a month membership for family of 4. Visit and see what they have to offer.
  3. 1-pm-natural-history-museum-londonNatural History Museum – South Kensington – This has got to be the best place to take the kids and always so much to do there for any age. We love it and can’t wait to visit again soon.
  4. marchio-ufficiale-peppa-pig-mania-peppa_pigPeppa pig: Golden Boots – Odeon – If the kids love this popular show then it’s out now for all to see. Book tickets soon and enjoy.
  5. 8721_original_SEA_LIFE_London_Aquarium_Priority_Entrance_Ticket_1367229539Sea Life Centre – Waterloo and Brighton – Yet again a favourite place for us to visit. The kids love the interactive areas and the sharks. Half term can be very busy, so try visit as soon as they open.

I hope you all have a fantastic half term and that the rain stays away so that we can enjoy the outdoors, if not, then its muddy puddle jumping we go!

Let me know all the fun places you might be visiting over the next week, would be good to get some ideas.