Happy Day’s!! 

Out and About 

This week hubby has been away so we have been out and about just like any other normal wee just without daddy in tow. The kids were back and forth from nursery and school…swimming lessons and athletics club. We enjoyed trips to the park and into the woods. I am a happy person when we get to enjoy the outdoors with lovely weather x


Fun at Home 

With hubby away we enjoyed having a dinner date with friends….the kids enjoyed roast chicken and a movie with popcorn and treats on Monday eve. We had another visitor over Thursday eve for afternoon tea and a play. 

While Caitlyn has been home with me we have enjoyed some baking too. We baked up a storm…we sure love to bake together! 

Carrot Cake!

    Coffee cake! 

Wow was this coffee cake yummy!!😋

Time for Me 

Didn’t get much time to myself but the evenings were lovely…I have the chose of the remote which is always a bonus lol! While the kids were at nursery / school I got to clean the house in peace and watched some catch up shows. 

My Happiest Moment 

Loves seeing my youngest take part in her first athletics club session. Although she is only 4, she took part in a 6years + class and did really well. She loved it and had a huge smile on her face when she had won a race (even if they gave her a head start 😉) she is such a confident and courages littl girl. Nothing scares her! So proud! 

Next week I would like to…

  • I would like to take Oscar to a football session in our park. 
  • Daddy will watch Caitlyn at athletics 
  • Enjoy yet more quality time with my kids (they grow so quickly) 
  • Enjoy a meet up with a friend and her wee little man 
  • AND most importantly celebrate mine and hubby’s 7th wedding anniversary❤️!!
What Katy Said

Married life…annoying one another-Top 20! 

So I love and adore my husband so much and more so over the last couple years…you have stuck by me and love me unconditionally and I am so very grateful fo that…

Although I love and adore him, we also DRIVE EACH OTHER UP THE WALL (it can be so fun😜) 

Here are our top 20 ways to annoy each other – 😳

  • He leaves his towels on the floor in the bathroom after a shower/bath and never clearing out the bath after a shave
  • I make him coffee and he either never drinks it (forgets it or is too busy) or warms it in the micro 5 times before drinking it lol 
  • Fiddles with his beard, OH MY GOD it annoys me lol not sure why but it just does! Sits there for ages playing with it lol   
  • Hubby walks around the house naked 😳😁
  • I’m lazy on his days off…he hates it but never shows it lol 
  • I never stack the dishes very well after washing….it’s like a crazy tower masterpiece lol 
  • My washing system isn’t always that good…hubby is obsessed with colours, whites and darks lol me not so 😉
  • I drive around all day with two sprogs so my car gets a little dirty…drives hubby up the wall. 
  • He never cleans out his filter coffee-yuk! 
  • He is a major fridge monster – leaves empty cartons of juice in the fridge…eats treats in the cupboard but leaves like one slab of choc or one biscuit in the jar! 
  • He has theeeee worst stinky feet EEKKK
  • I talk far to much…all he wants to do is chill out lol 
  • Hubby has a system he much prefers when hanging up the washing, I don’t lol he finds that very annoying lol 
  • I’m always changing around the kitchen apliances lol drive him up the wall…recently changed around the cupboards lol he puts the salt and pepper with the bowls lol 
  • He slaps my butt all the time…ouch it’s sore! He says it’s lovely and big lol 
  • He is ALWAYS on his phone…oh wait IM ALWAYS on my phone too lol 
  • I never put his clothes in the right draws lol he hates that too. Damn seems like I’m more of a pain lol!! 
  • He hates it when myself and the kids never charge the iPads and my phone lol 
  • I never pair up his socks lol 😁
  • I drive him up the wall no matter what be he still loves me…he drives me up the wall but I love him! 

So there it is…hope you enjoyed the read…top 20 what we love about each other coming soon! 

Thanks for reading xox 

You Baby Me Mummy

Stressed out MUM-Parenting!

Parenting can be such great fun and can certainly be very rewarding but I also have very ‘scream in the pillow’ and ‘grey hairs’ kinda days/weeks.

My son is 7 going on 17 and yes he knows EVERYTHING and strops like you won’t believe. Drives me up the wall, but of course I love him so very much!

My daughter is 4 and yes she is such a little princess lol! 

I am a SAHM and I love spending this time with them, picking them up from school/nursery, going on play dates etc but I do feel like my brain is slightly shrivelled up and I don’t quite know who ‘Shannan’ is anymore. All I seem to be is MUM not just SHANNAN!! 

As much as I’d like to go back to work, I can’t as Caitlyn’s nursery haven’t any more space for her to go longer in the day. This month we find out about schools-can’t wait! September can’t come any sooner but the. I also don’t want my last little ‘baby’ to grow and change into a ‘BIG GIRL’ as she says.

I do find I have days when I’m constantly shouting, screaming and moaning. The kids don’t want to listen to me, are cheeky and are just playing up, probably because I’m so moody and shouty. Half the time I know it’s premenstral but deep down…I’m tired, bored and need to find something for me to do. That’s why I stared blogging. 

Do any of you mums know what I’m talking about. I’m always looking up ways to find calm and patients and Pinterest is always a good guide. 

Here are a few ideas Iv found for me to look through! 

It’s the holidays and sometimes I really looking forward to them and look forward to fun days out…but sometimes I feel nervous (am I going to shout all holiday?) why can’t I say to myself “relax women and enjoy” is there something wrong with me?! 

How can I be cross with these two!!

 But then on dodgy days I’m like…⤵️

I think deep down I must be too hard on myself and yes I must calm down a little…they are only little for such a short time! 

Hope you enjoyed the read! XoX

12 years of LOVE! 

So their is this handsome man I call my husband. 

We are celebrating 12 years together today and it’s been an exciting yet very hard time for us both. 

We were very good friends before we started going out. 2003 he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yesssss lol! 

He proposed in amazing style in South Africa at a beautiful castle back in 2006 …moved in together shortly after we returned back from SA and in 2007 found out we where preggers with Oscar 😊

Becoming parents was the most exciting and fun time we had and I sure miss my little man being a tiny cute little baby, now a cheeky 7 year old. 

We then had a very hard time saying goodbye to Marks mum back in 2009….she is missed everyday💐!!

Then baby number 2 came along in 2010….our darling Caityln! 

We had a couple very hard and difficult times after madam was born but I’m so grateful and so happy we are a very strong and happy family now after so much heartache! 

I love you Mark Jackson and I hope I can now continue to make u happy and support you throughout the years like you always have for me.

Happy 12 years of love affection and continued support❤️

Marriage is caring and sharing,
giving and forgiving, 
loving and being loved, 
walking hand in hand,
talking heart to heart,

to give and to take and to see through each other’s eyes. 

Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.com


Loving the holiday’s already?!

Sooooo it’s half term already…..sure it was only just Christmas holidays?!

Can’t believe how quickly 2015 is passing us by already. Seems as if summer is only round the corner…but now its February half term and the fun has begun.

We have already ventured to Kidspace for some fun straight after school broke up and enjoyed our Valentines meal a day before. Steak, Pudding, Wine, Chocolates….oh so good 😉

Woke up to a cuppa in my love mug, beautiful red roses, a teddy (which CJ has taken a shine to) and a lovely card. Thanks hubby;) and Happy Valentines Day to you!!

I know there is a cliche of Valentines Day and how for just one day you ‘need’ to be romantic and loving and spend shit loads of money, but deep down everyone loves it and would be very hurt if their partners didn’t get involved. Even just the card or flowers can be sentimental or breakfast in bed. Unless your partners buy flowers every week or spoil you with gifts and romance everyday (ha, who does that) then you can’t say for just 1 day you’re not bothered about valentines.

Deep down us women and men love to give or get given something special. Just embrace it and enjoy 😉 xox

My Valentine Treats xox

Love and Loath…

20 of my LOVES and LOATHS
20 – I LOATH rude and obnoxious people. Life is so bloody short, why on earth do we need this. I can understand the ‘road rage’ we go through or the rude person pushing in the line, but being abusive is just not cool!!

19 – I LOVE ‘Walking Dead’ at the moment…Bloody grose or what!!

18 – I LOATH the fact my kids nag for food every 5 minutes…they are eating us out of house and home. Constant snacking BUT only healthy foods of course.

17 – I LOVE the laughs and giggles of the kids when they are playing so beautifully. Priceless!!

16 – I LOATH bloody house work and chores. Obviously its MY JOB as a full-time mum but it doesn’t mean I have to love it, day in day out – boring!!

15 – I LOVE the Backstreet Boys…have loved them since 1997 and even to this day!!

14 – I LOATH the early morning school run…counting down the days till half term holidays!!

13 – I LOVE driving…thank god I passed first time. If I could be a racing driver, I would!!

12 – I LOATH people who cancel plans at short notice. Better be a damn good reason LOL

11 – I LOVE treats and snacks but damn girl I need to stop that shit! As we speak, my belly is resting on the computer, not a good look!!

10 – I LOATH diets and healthy food that tastes shit. Why can’t there be sweets and treats that are good for u and taste yummy too. Oh wait, check out Pinterest and there are great healthy snacks to bake at home!!

9 – I LOVE days out with family and friends…Merlin passes and annual memberships are fab to have and are worth the money!!

8 – I LOATH homework time at the moment…it sure isn’t fun arguing with a 7-year-old!!

7 – I LOVE a pamper but sadly it’s not often I get a chance to go. Better get the hubby to give me a rub down, although we know what that leads to…{#smileys123.tonqueout}

6 – I LOATH my kids tag teaming me all the time…Im in charge, not you lol HELP lol

5 – I LOVE my friends. My social circles come in all shapes and sizes. The girls from high school, work, school, nursery and neighbours – you’re a fab bunch, that’s all I can say!!

4 – I LOATH being so far away from my family in South Africa and Africa itself. I feel part of me is missing terribly!!

3 – I LOVE my family and my mama very much. They mean the world to me and they are always on my mind whether they are near or far!!

2 – I LOATH that my children are growing up far to quickly. Those early days felt like a life time away and if they are growing quickly, that must mean only one thing…i’m ageing too LOL!!

1 – I LOVE my husband very much. We have been through our fair share of challenges over the last 12 years but keep strong everyday!!

Leave me some of your LOVES and LOATHS in the comment section below peeps!!

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