Having a kick about…

Sooooo my boy is completely and utterly obsessed with football…he plays it in the park, in the garden, on the iPad and collect these bloody match attack cards to swap doubles with his mates.

He plays Saturday football but we don’t often go in the winter…I know I feel like a bad mum but I am not standing out in the cold and for him to then catch a cold in the middle of the week and be off school. I would also have u daughter with me and would only get bored and start moaning.
As the weather starts to brighten up then we will be heading back to play.

So now back to my crazy boy and his football obsession.

After school the sun was shining and the first thing out of O mouth is “can we play football at the park or in the garden?”
We set off home, O had a change and off we went outside…O had his new football boots on and football gloves…he was ready to go.


We had a great little kick about and made sure C joined in too.
O turns into Mr Referee and bosses us all about. ” you need to do this” and ” you need to kick the ball like this”

Although it was chilly, we had a good play and I knew they would be satisfied and happy to then be in doors and chill out.

They got every toy possible out the boxes but if they’re happy then that’s all that matters.