I have just joined quicky qoutes today and as I am feeling a little stressed these last few days, I thought this fits perfectly…there is a lot on my mind at the mo….money and family is always a sure thing to stress anyone out I’m sure and the decisions we make are pretty stressful too. 
We would love to move out of SUTTON and be closer to the seaside but it’s proving to be a scary process. I still hope it happens when we want it to happen. 
My first qoutes is exactly what I should be doing….not stress, not obsess and just have FAITH it will all work out if it’s meant to work out. 


This qoute is very true…if I worry to much then it will stop me from what I have to focus on today. 

Fingers crossed I stop worrying and do more doing lol! 
Thanks for reading xox 

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What is your poison?

I have to say…after Christmas and birthdays, Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) has got to be the yummiest and most favourite day in our family.

Although we love making pancakes throughout the year, we try to explore and experiment more with pancake toppings.

What is your poison?

•Nutella and banana?
•JUST Nutella?
•How about the traditional sugar and lemon?
•OR fruit and maple syrup?
We all have our favourites but I must say….our favourite would have to be toffee and banana.

Now the other question is….what will you be giving up for lent or do you even follow this tradition?
I can’t say I ever follow it but I think I’ll be giving up ARSEHOLES😜!!

Good luck with LENT and pancakes are not just for Shrove but for life!!!!!

Yummy toppings 🙂

Oohhhh it was so good!