Our adventures exploring Kent! 

We had a beautiful day spend in Kent on Wednesday…we explored the beaches, the towns and the countryside. 

My husband’s mum was layed to rest in Canterbury so we made sure this holiday was spent with Nana butterfly.

The other reason for this trip is to explore a possible move. Hubby has lived in SUTTON all his life and I have lived here nearly 20 years, it’s just about time to leave this place. Organising or even discussing any move is hard when you have two sprogs to think about it. We thought about South Africa but this seems to be the easiest possible option for now. 

Firstly our day started in Faversham! 

I found Faversham to be a sweet little town but not busy enough for our little family. The hussel and bussle wouldn’t be too far for us to get to and I’m sure the prices of homes in Faversham are a little less cheaper but it just seemed far too quite for me…

While we were there we walked the town centre….no chain stores around but we saw the swimming pool centre and play area just by the parking lot. We didn’t stay long at all so I can’t really pass on any judgment as of yet. 

The kids enjoyed a run around!  

     After our very quick pit stop we headed over to the pretty town of Whitstable . I have an old friend that lives here and she can’t stop raving about her life here and so she should. It’s so cute and friendly and an extra bonus is that it is by the sea side. 

We enjoyed a walk along the coast and we had a ball. Although it was an extremely windy day, we still had a fab picnic with a view of the sea.  

         The kids most definitely enjoyed throwing pebbles into the sea. They didn’t wanna go home. “When can we move here mummy!”   

Such a lovely view…just love to be beside the seaside. 




The kids had the best time just playing running and throwing pebbles. Although the sea looks pretty horrid (windy and brown) it was so lovely to be there. I’m sure the surrounding areas are beautiful in the summer. 

Hubby and I enjoyed a selfie… 

While we were in Whitstable town we enjoyed a little coffee treat and explored the shops. Very good selection of shops, not like Faversham lol! 

After Whitstable…we headed to Canterbury. Visited nana butterfly then onto dinner in the high street.  

We loved our day their and hope to visit again soon. 

Anyone have good tips or advice about Kent?! 

Thanks for reading guys!   





Family Day in London…

It’s half term holidays and there is only one important trip at the top of our list… A day in London.

When I first moved to London nearly 19 years ago, we did the whole ‘touristy’ thing! Museums, palaces, parks etc but hubby not so much. Yes he is from London himself but it’s sad when you think there are so many people in this wonderful country who have never ventured out of the UK (no passports) and have also never seen what London or England have to offer.

So we always try to make sure we visit new places or at least pop into London (only 20 mins on the train) and enjoy the surroundings 🙂

We planned to visit the Imperial War Museum.

We left the house, successful walk to the station and the kids were great on the train enjoying snacks and playing eye spy of course…what do you play when you’re traveling?
I’m not a huge fan when it comes to children and the underground, my brain is on overdrive:
•keep the kids close
•hold hands
Drives me crazy!

But we arrived at the Imperial War Museum safely 🙂

The kids were so happy and excited…but when we walked into the door, bored faces appeared and “is there a soft play here” squeaked out my daughters mouth lol Oh great this is gonna be fun lol!
It actually was, they loved it and really enjoyed looking at all was to offer. Although very hungry, I made sure my bag was filled up with snacks just so they could cope better with the long walk around the museum.

OJ loved the war cars and aeroplanes hanging from above and I don’t think CJ had any favourite part, she still would have just preferred the soft play lol!
Myself and hubby on the other hand found the Holocaust Room simply mind blowing….next time we plan to visit ‘ChildFree’ just so we can take it in more and actually read more of what happened!

We ended the day with a yummy lunch at Planet Hollywood. The food was great, service was brilliant and the kids loved it-what else matters 🙂

Here are our fab fotos of our family day out 🙂 xox











Half term so far…

Well it’s been a great few days of holiday fun already.

•Monday we had a lovely lazy day at home…kids played and we also enjoyed watching ‘Oz and the great powerful!’ The film was so good, they didn’t move through the whole 1&half hours of it.
We also popped to the pet shop to have a browse at the rabbits, rats, mice and fish….shame we couldn’t take one of the fury buggers home 😉 they were oh so cute!
We also popped to the pound shop. The kids love to be able to choose a toy and mummy doesn’t have to worry about the price lol

•Tuesday we had a great morning at Kidspace adventures in Croydon with friends then lunch at Mac D’s.
Afternoon was spent in the park as the weather was oh so lush. OJ played football with people he had introduced himself too and CJ made friends with little girls who had babies and dolls…I enjoyed a good catchup with a friend.

•Wednesday….a family day spent up in London. Coming soon on a separate post 🙂

So for now we have enjoyed our holidays with friends and family and hope to feel refreshed and ready for school on Monday 🙂


Enjoying ‘Oz and the Great Powerful’

Family outing to the ‘Imperial War Museum’!