Mummy role #28 NURSE!!  

So us mums and dads have many a role right….we have many jobs and play many parts when it comes to being a parent. These roles might include: 

  • Teacher 
  • Psychologist 
  • Driver 
  • Mentor 
  • Friend 
  • Cleaner and so on….
  • ….but when it’s time to play nurse we feel sometimes helpless and sad that our little ones are not feeling well. 

It might be a bump or a fall in the park or feeling a headache coming on and a temp starting but we must be on call for our kiddies and we hope we can do all we can to make them feel better. 

The weather these days seems to be a little confusing. One minute it’s 28 then it’s 15 degrees….can’t you just make up ur bloody mind. Oh wait we live in England😜!!

So what with the sudden change of weather and unsure what to wear outdoors, this can bring on sickness and illnesses to others around us very quickly and the popular sickness going around at the moment is the SICKNESS BUG😷😤😰!!

Kids catch each other’s coughs and colds so quickly and it drives me up the wall. Can’t stand to see kids with runny noses. 

So now my little girl has that horrid runny nose and not such a good cough either. Madam NEVER sleeps in the day unless she is unwell and it seems that after I told her to have a chill out on her bed, I have walked in 10 mins later to find her asleep and obviously not feeling well.

It seems us ladies in the house catch these colds a lot more than the men and we seem to suffer more too. I don’t think it’s man flu for men but MAN FLU for women lol! 

So now madam isn’t well I think it’s time for my role to change from cleaner to nurse. 

What is needed to be a mummy/daddy nurse: 

  • Be loving and offer sickness cuddles.
  • Be on demand to offer fluids, meds and blankets. 
  • Supply playdough on a tray with cutters for while they lay on the sofa or in bed.
  • If they have a cough then NO dairy and NO sweet products as this can make coughs worse.
  • Just love and cuddle them always but put that MASK on if you do t want to catch it! 
  • Apply Vix on feet and chest….and drink lots of water! 

Let’s just hope this isn’t on going. Hope you feel better soon Caitlyn! Mummy nurse is here! 

Thanks for reading! XoX 

Mornings with Madam

Mornings with madam are becoming much more fun and girlie as my princess gets older.

We love to spend our mornings together either making plans with friends or enjoying each others company, playing, drawing, cleaning (my little helper) and sharing each others snacks (little food monster)

I’d say the last week my little girl is growing more and more attached to her babies, dolls and teddies.It’s either sleep time with every duvet and blanket in the house or they are set up in the living room to watch their favourite film\show. She is obsessed with playing mummy and telling them what to do. The moody and very bossy role-playing must be a reflection of what I’m like…oh dear, my mother tells me I’m bossy but I don’t believe it one bit, LOL!!

I certainly miss spending time with my boy, but I’m very happy I am able to put CJ into nursery one afternoon a week so that I get special time with OB and do the things we love together, just mummy and son.

What fun things do you do with your children? Do you have to split your time with each child, so you get a chance to see them as little people? Do you feel bad and wonder if your leaving one out?

Parenting is tough, but we do the best we can!