Daddy Love…

So like I said before, hubby was away for a WHOLE week…

The kids missed him like crazy and when he returned safe and sound, they jumped all over him. Smothering him with all the love hugs and kisses in the world. It was a very sweet sight indeed lol!

     Although I am pretty much with the kids all day, including bath and dinner time, the kids do enjoy daddy putting them to bed and we all do enjoy the days daddy is off. The minute he walks through the door it’s daddy is home and Caitlyn will jump up and run for cuddles. 

Caitlyn is very much daddy’s girl when he is home and very much mummy mummy when I’m with her….she is so affectionate and loving towards both Mark and I but more so with Mark on his days off. It’s “daddy come here” and “daddy will you help me?” 

Daddy can be strict but he can also let them get away with a few things here and there, guess because he doesn’t see them as much as I do lol! Although I do like an easy life too sometimes. 

Daddy is away again in June for another week of training and then 2 days in July. Feels very strange but we are so proud with how hard he works. We love you daddy💞

Fathers Day Soon!!! 

Thank you for reading xox