Loving the holiday’s already?!

Sooooo it’s half term already…..sure it was only just Christmas holidays?!

Can’t believe how quickly 2015 is passing us by already. Seems as if summer is only round the corner…but now its February half term and the fun has begun.

We have already ventured to Kidspace for some fun straight after school broke up and enjoyed our Valentines meal a day before. Steak, Pudding, Wine, Chocolates….oh so good 😉

Woke up to a cuppa in my love mug, beautiful red roses, a teddy (which CJ has taken a shine to) and a lovely card. Thanks hubby;) and Happy Valentines Day to you!!

I know there is a cliche of Valentines Day and how for just one day you ‘need’ to be romantic and loving and spend shit loads of money, but deep down everyone loves it and would be very hurt if their partners didn’t get involved. Even just the card or flowers can be sentimental or breakfast in bed. Unless your partners buy flowers every week or spoil you with gifts and romance everyday (ha, who does that) then you can’t say for just 1 day you’re not bothered about valentines.

Deep down us women and men love to give or get given something special. Just embrace it and enjoy 😉 xox

My Valentine Treats xox