Our Week ‘Captured in Moments’!

So we have just finished the last week of our summer holidays and I must say it has certainly been a fun packed week spent with friends and family! 

I know a lot of our friends from Sutton went back to school on Thursday but it’s also good to see that they had a great first couple days back. 

Was fabulous to see them in their uniforms. Let’s just hope my kiddies have a fab first day at their new school and make lots of lovely friends. 

So, before we head off to school, here are our pictures with my family and friends.  

We loved having daddy with us for bank holiday Monday. We enjoyed a lovely lunch then a walk down to the beach. 

The weather wasn’t very good but the fresh air and chilly breeze got us ready for a cuppa and our roast dinner.

The kids are loving living by the sea, even when the weather is crappy.   

  We had a great day with new friends at the park on Tuesday. 

We spent a whole 4 hours of swinging, sliding, jumping, playing football and running like mad.   
  Thursday we spent the afternoon at a friends beach hut. The kids yet again loved being at the beach and I got to have a chinwag with the girls.  Friday we had visitors from London. Carly and I worked together back in 2009 for a year and have been great friends ever since.

Carly and her mum Elaine visited for the day. We showed them around, had a walk along the seafront and enjoyed jacket potatoes for lunch. Thanks for visiting us ladies!! 
Thank you for reading xox 

Running in Lavender

My week in photos! 

Last week sure was a fun and busy time with family and friends.

Here the kids enjoyed a run in the reeds. We had just attended: Music in the Park in Nork woods! 

Loads of fun things for the kids and fab listening to some live music. Just love the summer activities that are around for us to enjoy.   

Here we are enjoy lunch on the beach with a great friend who have helped us and been there when we needed her during this big move. Thanks Stephanie x  

Our new home…oh I am buzzing and can’t wait to move my family into our new place.   I arranged a gathering in the park for the mums and the kids to mingle before we move away. 

We all had a great time and will miss you all very much! I certainly wil miss this park!   

A lovely nursery mummy arranged this fun and tasty ‘International picnic’ for a few of us and they put on a disco too. The girls loved dressing up and they even had the paddling pool out. Thank you so much Clara for your hospitality. 

 Huge thank yous to these ladies and so many other special people who made our leaving drinks. 

We sure had a great time and so thankful for all our cards and gifts!  

Thanks for reading xox 

The 2 P’s-Packing & Parenting! 

Well who said PACKING and PARENTING during the summer holidays was easy….might need to be put in a straight jacket with a bottle of wine by next week lol!!! 

Ok a little harsh but when you find things you haven’t had out for months to pack away, then the kids decide to play with it, it’s just not gonna work for me and the packing will take slightly longer in that case. What to do? 

Now people have said, get the kids involved and get them to help with the packing of there things but Iv watched this happen and found a large box had about 4 things in it and they where just about ready to tape it up lol.  I’m sure I could have put a lot more bits in that box.

Today I have just done what I can, played with the kids and taken them to the park for some fresh air. Luckily they are heading out with their Aunty this afternoon so I get some me time. Praise the Lord!! 

I have 3 more days of chaos but luckily the eldest is heading to a holiday camp for one of the days and hubby is around Thursday to dismantle and clean with me. 

Can’t wait to get the move done and dusted! We will miss Sutton oh so very much! 

Anyone have moving tips, packing tips or just any parenting tips for us during this exciting yet nervous time for my family? 

Thanks for reading xox  


Ready for New Beginnings!

I have been away a long time now from the ‘blogging community’ and I feel lost and disconnected from my blogger friends. 

I haven’t been away because I no longer want to write or share my day to day going on’s…but simply because it’s been a hectic few months. The last few months have been up down up down and now after so long, I have reached an exciting yet very nervous stage of craziness lol! 

We are MOVING in just over a week to a new county, new town, new home and we can’t bloody wait. We are starting a fresh with everything and it’s about bloody time too. 

Hubby and I have talked for a few years now about whether to move or not. I’m just so bloody happy now to tell people that we have actually done it and we are not scared of change. To some who probably thought ‘your all talk and no action’ well its finally here and we say farewell next Saturday. 

I certainly will miss the lovely school mums Iv grown closer to the last year or so and my special school friends who have been in my life since I moved to London. You will all be missed but we are only 1.5 hours drive away….come visit!!! 

I’m hoping once the move is complete and we have settled well, I will then come back from the dead lol and write again. Much more to talk about too…sun, seasides, jobs, schools, holidays, our home etc! 

Hope to come back soon fresh faced and ready to write! 

    Thanks for reading xox 

D for Dentist Drama!  

So we all pretty much hated the trip to the dentist when we were little, didn’t we? 

I sure did and I remember mum having to bribe me to go. “You can have a toy if you listen at the dentist” 

Oscar my eldest has always been very good going to his check ups and so has my youngest Caitlyn, but all of a sudden the trip we went to 2 weeks ago and the trip we did today was a complete and utter flop. Madam has had a complete breakdown on the dentist chair and refused to have anything prodded in her mouth even if  our dentist is a good friend. 

She was threatened with us saying we would have to take her to the hospital if she doesn’t listen now. That still didn’t make any difference. There was no way she was having her teeth checked. 

Sadly she does need 2 teeth sorted out as she has a hole in each tooth (bad mummy 😪) sweets and treats have been reduced or at least tried to be reduced to ‘not much’ but even that can be tricky. What to do? 

The appointments are rushed and myself and Caitlyn are put under pressure, so we are hoping to have another appointment before we head to Whitstable, taken over two apps and daddy is for sure taking her this time. Is it awful to say that I can’t cope we her melt down. Just hope daddy can do a better job at sorting her out lol! 

Anyway wish us luck😱😢😆😂!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading xox 


Remember what’s important…CandidCuddles Quotes!! 

Here are a few quotes Iv seen in the last week and they have really made me stop and think….


This one especially made me think….I should have had the 6 shots this week! It’s been a total roller coaster ride (can’t stand roller coasters anyway) and it’s made me think…what’s meant to be, will be!!   

Wish I worried less. My father says ” Only worry if it’s necessary” but really, I worry about anything and everything! I’m sure I’ll grow out of it lol! 

What qoutes / sayings have you seen that interest you at this moment in time? 

Thanks for reading xox 

Cuddle Fairy

Summer fashion for my boy!! 

Now it’s my boys turn…

If you saw the list of goodies for my daughter then I also have my boys list of summer goodies for boys from H&M.

My son, aswell as my daughter utterly loves H&M. There are such great boys things and fab character t-shirts too.

Nana recently bought Oscar some great bits. Vests, couple sweatshirts, trainers, trousers and a pair of shorts. 

It’s now time I have a look to see what goodies are about for him online. 

Here are 8 bits for boys we like from H&M… 

1) 2 Pack T-Shirts (Grey / Big Hero 6) £9.99

2) T-Shirt with a print (Grey / Star Wars) £5.99

3) T-Shirt with a print (Blue) £5.99

4) Trainers (Black) £14.99

5) Trainers (Dark Blue) £5.99

6) Chino Shorts (Dark Blue) £5.99

7) Slim Jeans (Denim Blue) £12.99

8) Chino Shorts (Dark Blue) £9.99

So this was our summer fashion ideas. Just love all the different designs on the t-shirts. There are even more fab tops for all the boys out there. 

What are your favourites?! 

Thanks for reading xox