Meal Planner W/C 9/02/2015

Planner – WC 9/2/2015

At the moment I’m only thinking dinner times, cos thats where I would look for inspiration…breakfasts and lunches are pretty simple, but if you have any ideas for lunch then please post!!

MONDAY – Spaghetti Bolognese with Turkey mince and (cheat night) DOLMIO sauce…It was yummy!!

TUESDAY – Meatballs with Mash and Mixed Veg (not a bag of veg, but just a medley of our fav carrots, courgettes and sweetcorn)

WEDNESDAY – Chicken Cassarole (Slow Cooker styleeee) I generelly just throw in chicken, veg (mixed medley) stock and herbs and cook away….love adding a Herb Dumpling or three… (Change of plan, people over for dinner) Sausage and Pasta dish! Yum

THURSDAY – Sausage and Mash with Onion Gravy of course! For a healthier version use Sweet Potato and Reduced Fat Sausages! Always love a warm hearty British dish!!

FRIDAY – Seen as its Valentines weekend, we might as well go for Steak and Chips YUM!!

SATURDAY – Pick up something light as we are all out for a farewell get together. Kids most probably have small pizza’s with cucumber sticks.

SUNDAY – Homemade Chicken Pie (CANT WAIT) Happy Sunday


Manic Mum Routine…
There is never an average day. There is never just a dull day for our beautiful family.

Each day has its own special routine, although between the hours of 6 – 8.30 am and 6 – 8pm the routine normally stays the same. TestingTimes

Morning Routine-

*6.45am hubby does the ironing…

*7am I make everyone brekkie, porriage and weetabix are generally on the menu…and coffee ofcourse!

*8am School time..

Evening routine –

*5.30pm prepare and cook dinner…(depending on the meals, kids might eat a little earlier or if not with us at 6.30pm)

*6.30pm dinner…

*7-7.30 CJ’s story/cuddle/bed…

*7.30 OB reads to myself or daddy…

*8pm OB’s bedtime – although he pushes it and says he needs the toilet or a bloody drink, damn boy just go to sleep 😉

Monday’s routine

CJ at nursery in the mornings then a lazy afternoon with games, snacks and her favourite show…until its school pick up time! (Cleaning day)

Collect OB from school…

Lazy afternoon – catch up with friends or homework…

Tuesday’s routine

CJ and I arrange play dates in the mornings…

Lunch at 12…


I collect OB and enjoy mum and son time. This normally means he gets to choose what we do…SWIMMING, FOOTBALL, IPAD games!!

Wednesday’s routine

Daddy always does school drop off and generally school pick ups when he is home.

He never wants to miss out!!

Its fun day with hubby DAY!!! Shopping and lunch is normally involved with little lady in-tow.

Thursday’s routine

CJ at nursery… (food shopping)

Lazy afternoon…games, snacks and telly!

Collect OB then a lazy afternoon of fun and games and starting homework…

Friday’s Routine

A day with my baby girl, so playdates and fun to be had….

Collect Big Boy from school…

Arrange playdates…

OB attends Beavers!