Survival Saturday: #Parenting 

Survival Saturday: #Parenting 
The biggest advice they give parents are DON’T read parenting advice lol Well here are some of my tips but take them as you wish…

💭Formula isn’t the devil…breast can be best, but don’t ever feel guilty about having to bottle feed. There are 👍🏼’s and 👎🏻’s to them all…

My Experience – I tried (was never forced) but I struggled with my first. I used bottle straight away and never felt guilty. 
💭Respect each other’s advice and tips. We all have 👫 friends who know it all or know bugger all lol Respect them anyway and help each other out. 

💭Consistency is important…don’t get me wrong I give in sometimes but how are the kids going to truly understand what they can and can’t do! 
💭Patience is important…breath and take a step back if things get tough. Dealing with a 3 year old or in my case a 7 year old going onto 17 who knows it all can be pretty challenging and frustrating. Don’t be a nag🙄lol I should take my own advice lol 
💭Pick your battles…”don’t touch this” and “don’t do that” can get annoying for any child and us mums and dads. Try not to moan about everything. Another bit of advice I need to take lol! 
💭Follow through with everything you say and do-easier said than done! 
💭Enjoy the mess…oh wait I’m not sure about that lol 
💭Do what works for your family.
💭Listen to your instincts!
💭Unconditional love no matter what the age❤️!
💭The good days out weigh the bad…if I look back now, I can’t say I remember many of the bad days when they were babies. 
💭Follow your intuition. Let them be kids! 
💭Just when you think you understand your kiddies, they’ll change…the years don’t get easier I’m afraid, each stage just has a different type of challenge good or bad lol 

💭Don’t punish when angry, get space and calm down. Easier said than done, ain’t it?! 

💭The parents at the school all brag about their kids…you said you wouldn’t but you will lol!
💭Don’t kick yourself if you can’t get your kids in the ballet or football team on a Saturday or dance on Sunday….they don’t have to be busy with extra activities everyday of the week.
💭Don’t feel bad if your a working parent or if you feel like your loosing yourself because all you do is colour in, paint or wipe snotty noses. Whether you’re working or not, your doing great😉!
That’s it for this Saturday…please leave your comments down below and leave your own tips or advise for us mums and dads!

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Whitstable – #TheList

Another hectic week had with the family and a little stressful for me. Some how the kids seem to be annoying me much more and I’m not handling it well….

Anyway back to our week (you can see I need to vent) lol!!!! 

Wednesday saw myself, hubby and madam head off to Whitstable AGAIN.

We had a much more organised visit this time round. No fun had on the beach, although the weather and a picnic on the beach would have been far more inviting. 

This trip included 2 school visits and 3 property viewings. 

School #1 : First choice….

  • Great school. 
  • Friendly staff / atmosphere. 
  • Show around was a success and Caitlyn enjoyed it.
  • Fun and colourful class rooms and good layout. 
  • Well bahavied kids (always a good sign)

We were very happy with the school and the show around was a fun and exciting experience for Caitlyn. Although Oscar was at schoo and unable to view it, we are sure he would like it too. 

School #2 : Second choice….

  • Welcome visit was good and we had a private chat with the headmaster too (bonus) 
  • Old build school so I initially didn’t feel the same way about this school than I did with the other…also seemed a little more untidy 😦 
  • Head seemed involved with what was going on but possibly a little act :-/ (if you know what I mean) 
  • All the staff from years 2 and 6 didn’t seem to be in the room for and 3 classes as they were doing planning in the staff room :/ (not keen) 
  • I liked the fact they had older kids from years 5/6 supporting young children in class with their work. 
  • Lovely outdoor space

After viewing this school we new we much preferred the first one we saw and the fact that we have a friends little one there already made us feel a little more comfortable. They speak highly of the school.

I am just very picky and will pick up on small things I might not like but overall people in whitstable haven’t a bad word to say about any of the schools in the area. We still would rather our first choice, if things were to ever progress. 

The 3 homes we visited weren’t so much of a success….well 2 out of 3 where ok but even those are shortly slipping from our hands. The rental market is very demanding and people are very keen to move into the area. Homes are flying off the shelf very quickly. Fingers crossed we can find somewhere we like and when we need it by. 

So although we enjoyed viewing the schools and homes. We also enjoyed a little bit of play time. Check out the pictures….

                 So a lovely day had…hope to head back again soon 🙂 

The List

Thanks for reading xox 

50 things that make me smile from EAR to EAR!! 

After thinking through my list and really taking in the things that make me happy…I can be quite easily pleased😉

The simple things in life are pretty much free but on the odd occasion we need to spend a little on a few of the good oppurtunities and goodies life throws at us. 

Here is my list of the things that make me smile from ear to ear…

  • My handsome hubby… 
  • My gorgeous son…  
  • My beautiful daughter…  
  • My family…NEAR and FAR.
  • Sleepovers at mums place once a month.
  • Date nights with hubby. Not often we get to enjoy times on our own but when we do its special. 
  • Playing games with the family – Uno.
  • Park trips with family and friends.
  • Day trips to the seaside.
  • Holidays to South Africa – would love to see more places though. 
  • Ice cream and chocolate sauce 
  • Chips, cheese and gravy – Uni speciality. 
  • Iphone obsessed (not such a good thing but I’m not glued i promise lol) 
  • Blogging – My new down time hobby. 
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  •  Fifty Shades Trilogy 
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Sunny days – My fav season is Summer. 
  • Take away’s – Chinese! 
  • Sunday’s when hubby is off work. 
  • Cuddles with the kids 
  • A successful homework session with NO fighting 
  • Baking with the kids 
  • Cleaning – Odd but TRUE
  • The smell of petrol 
  • The smell of cut grass 
  • Johnson and Johnson products 
  • UGGS – Cosy and Warm! 
  • A great hair cut from Starline hair and beauty or my daddy. 
  • Apple TV – A must for anyone who doesn’s have it.
  • My new KindleHD
  • Getting into fresh sheets -sleep like a baby! 
  • Help from friends and family when I’m sick or when one of the kids are sick. Means a lot!
  • The hard work hubby does for his family! Love you ❤️
  • Mani/Pedis 
  • Remembering my gorgeous WEDDING DAY… 
  • The birth of my babies…    
  • Memories made with my mother inlaw Barbara Jackson who passes away a few years ago😢 
  • Charity work I try to take part in.
  • Spooning is my fav lol watch out it leads to forking lol! 
  • ME TIME-wait what mama doesn’t always dream for a lay in,  read a book in peace or pop to the shops in peace. 
  • Celebrating fun yearly celebrations 
  • Christmas with the kids is especially my fav time of the year! 
  • Taking my bra off at the end of the day. 
  • Movie night with pop corn of course! 
  • F•R•I•E•N•D•S
  • BSB of course 
  • Picnics in the park / sunshine days 
  • Lunch / Dinner dates with friends 
  • Being silly with the kids

So here are my 50 things: that make me happy….I’m sure there are plenty more happy things that bring smiles to my face…what makes you very happy?! 

Thanks for reading xox 

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Married life…annoying one another-Top 20! 

So I love and adore my husband so much and more so over the last couple years…you have stuck by me and love me unconditionally and I am so very grateful fo that…

Although I love and adore him, we also DRIVE EACH OTHER UP THE WALL (it can be so fun😜) 

Here are our top 20 ways to annoy each other – 😳

  • He leaves his towels on the floor in the bathroom after a shower/bath and never clearing out the bath after a shave
  • I make him coffee and he either never drinks it (forgets it or is too busy) or warms it in the micro 5 times before drinking it lol 
  • Fiddles with his beard, OH MY GOD it annoys me lol not sure why but it just does! Sits there for ages playing with it lol   
  • Hubby walks around the house naked 😳😁
  • I’m lazy on his days off…he hates it but never shows it lol 
  • I never stack the dishes very well after washing….it’s like a crazy tower masterpiece lol 
  • My washing system isn’t always that good…hubby is obsessed with colours, whites and darks lol me not so 😉
  • I drive around all day with two sprogs so my car gets a little dirty…drives hubby up the wall. 
  • He never cleans out his filter coffee-yuk! 
  • He is a major fridge monster – leaves empty cartons of juice in the fridge…eats treats in the cupboard but leaves like one slab of choc or one biscuit in the jar! 
  • He has theeeee worst stinky feet EEKKK
  • I talk far to much…all he wants to do is chill out lol 
  • Hubby has a system he much prefers when hanging up the washing, I don’t lol he finds that very annoying lol 
  • I’m always changing around the kitchen apliances lol drive him up the wall…recently changed around the cupboards lol he puts the salt and pepper with the bowls lol 
  • He slaps my butt all the time…ouch it’s sore! He says it’s lovely and big lol 
  • He is ALWAYS on his phone…oh wait IM ALWAYS on my phone too lol 
  • I never put his clothes in the right draws lol he hates that too. Damn seems like I’m more of a pain lol!! 
  • He hates it when myself and the kids never charge the iPads and my phone lol 
  • I never pair up his socks lol 😁
  • I drive him up the wall no matter what be he still loves me…he drives me up the wall but I love him! 

So there it is…hope you enjoyed the read…top 20 what we love about each other coming soon! 

Thanks for reading xox 

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10 games to play with your kiddies!! 

Like any parent with a little crazy and yet a very busy family life, we love to have some peace and quiet and just leave the kids to play on their own, but there are also hours in the day when we get a chance to play alongside our kids…I typically love a walk in the woods or a play at the park but one on one games/challenges are just as fun.

As I spend a lot of time at home (SAHM) I need me time but I also find games I can play with the kids. If there are any you play then keep me posted! 

I have put together a list of games me and the kids play…

  1. Uno- Our top game at the moment. This is a real ‘family’ game and even my little 4 year old is a pro. The kids both get to learn turn taking and understand rules of the game, but it can get quite competitive too!!
  2. Play dough masterpiece competition- fun ways to get involved with an easy competition and create a model from scratch. Really fun and really funny creations can be made. 
  3. Kims game- this was a game I learnt while I was working with children. It’s a great game to develop memory skills. Check out How to play… and have a great game with the kids. See how good your memory is! 
  4. Hangman- another fab family game. Hubby and I started playing again while the kids would be playing at the local soft play. Now our son has shown a huge interest too. It really encourages him to better his spelling, help to learn decoding words and just have fun. He loves playing. 
  5. Duvet den- a fab and fun way to enjoy the indoors while the weather is a little crappy should I say😉!! Role play area or a mini sensory space. Even a little library/music area. Anyway to keep the kids amused lol 
  6. Wii bowling match- yet another great game for the family (if you have the wii) my youngest is a little too young and doesn’t quite understand what she needs to do but she loves watching. Oscar (my eldest) can get very competitive but so can I. I am the family champion to be honest!! 
  7. Flying a kite- we don’t often get a chance to fly a kite but it’s such a fun thing to do on a windy day. Kits are not too expensive and any age can give it a go. 
  8. Kick about (football)- my eldest would happily go out for a kick about at anytime. He loves football and loves playing with his dad or with friends at the park. Me…I won’t have a full on game but a kick back and forth to each other does me fine. 
  9. Storytelling with role play- I love reading to the kids and my littlest loves it the most. She also loves to dress up and join in while I read…setting up a picnic (tiger comes for tea) etc! 
  10. Baking cakes and cookies- of course another favourite in our family is baking together. We love it. They both love to help with adding Ingrediants, mixing and of course licking the bowl and spoons. 

Please let me know what games you like to play with your kids. Any ideas?! 

Thanks for reading xox 😘

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My Top10 – Film Favourites!

So we all love a film and I must say myself and my hubby just love watching anything film going.
I’m no pro at films but I love what I love. They might not be to your liking but they are certainly my top 10 fav….

Anything from old (my kinda old lol) to the most recent ish!


These films were so brilliant and made me laugh for sure. Who can say no to Bradley Cooper 😉 x


There must be a film you love with Will Smith in…this has got to be a film I would watch over and over again.


This is a great film and again something I would watch over and over again!


Now this is such a lovely beautiful film but so so sad 😦 really brought me to tears and such a heart felt film 🙂


This is also a beautiful film. So sad and so moving. It’s tough being the younger sister sometimes and having to fight to be seen by a boy you like can be tough I’m sure 🙂 a must see!


So so my fav girlie flick ….really showed me what special friendships are and how important they are at any stage of life. Love Demi Moore!


Just love a film with Vin in it….the fast cars and sex guys must be the only reason you would wanna watch lol!
Not to mention a brilliant actor who had to leave us all…RIP Paul Walker xox


One of my all time favourite Disney films. Reminds me of home. I sure do miss Africa. Such a classic and so amazing 🙂 loved introducing it to my kids 🙂 x


This brought me to tears recently after showing it to my kids. It’s such an amazing film and one that’s definitely gotta be on people’s top 10 🙂


This had to be my number 1. I just loved this film and would watch it every min of every day. My brother and I even practised the moves and did shows in front of the family. Patrick Swayze was sure to be in many women’s dreams I’m sure back then lol not forgetting the music and songs in the film….Defo the best chick flick 🙂 x

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