The boy has skills…point+shoot!

Hubby took our eldest for his first session down the driving range. 

Oscar loved every minute of it and he was super great at it too. 

   Our boy seems to be a very physical young man and we really want him trying out new things to see what he enjoys the most. 

Thanks for reading xox 


Point + Shoot 

Its been a boring and very sick weekend 😒

My little lady fell ill on Saturday and very unwell the Sunday too. Then mummy (ME) fell ill too! 

She had a horrid fever and we had to pop to the out of hours docs which they say everything was completely fine. All she needs is rest and ibuprofen! 

On Saturday I did some baking which I love sooooo much! 

Here is my banana, pineapple and coconut cake! 

Here is my Chocolate Brownies 😋

Now I’m ill and hoping this yummy drink will sort my throat out 😞

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Point + Shoot #2

We had a fantastic weekend filled with fun and laughs with friends…

Friday we had a great morning with friends enjoying a yummy breakfast, then the afternoon we had a very busy play date. 

Saturday we had a lazy day…then in the afternoon we had a play at a friends place who we hadn’t seen in so long. It was a great play date and we enjoyed yummy treats.

Sunday was a day of catching up with very old friends. 

These lovely ladies I met when we had our first babies (7 years ago) and they are such lovely people. The kids played like they had played all day everyday. Was so lovely to see 😀

This pic was the three boys 6years ago. My daughter and Fay’s other boy only came a couple years later 😉

So we all had such a wonderful weekend 😊 feel so lucky to have such lovely friends.