Boys are gross!!!!!

So I have a boy and a girl….they are polar opposites although my daughter loves copying her older brother.

My daughter not so much but my boy is completely obsessed with prodding and poking my boobs and shouting “boobies, boobies”!! Why on earth are boys so silly about this stuff? lol is he copying his dad lol also slapping my butt. I know it’s big but I can only guess he has picked that up from his father lol!!

Then to top it off, this happens….

So my son is in the bath…I’m keeping myself busy in the bathroom and I hear him say “oh this is nice” I look over at him and he is rubbing his toothbrush on his gooch…if u don’t know what this is, it’s the skin between ur balls and bum hole lol !!!
So all I wanna do is shout at him but then instead I laugh in his face and tell him “ha ur gonna have to brush ur teeth with that, not me”

Exploring and touching is ‘normal’ but with a toothbrush….ur on your own mate!!!!

Half term so far…

Well it’s been a great few days of holiday fun already.

•Monday we had a lovely lazy day at home…kids played and we also enjoyed watching ‘Oz and the great powerful!’ The film was so good, they didn’t move through the whole 1&half hours of it.
We also popped to the pet shop to have a browse at the rabbits, rats, mice and fish….shame we couldn’t take one of the fury buggers home 😉 they were oh so cute!
We also popped to the pound shop. The kids love to be able to choose a toy and mummy doesn’t have to worry about the price lol

•Tuesday we had a great morning at Kidspace adventures in Croydon with friends then lunch at Mac D’s.
Afternoon was spent in the park as the weather was oh so lush. OJ played football with people he had introduced himself too and CJ made friends with little girls who had babies and dolls…I enjoyed a good catchup with a friend.

•Wednesday….a family day spent up in London. Coming soon on a separate post 🙂

So for now we have enjoyed our holidays with friends and family and hope to feel refreshed and ready for school on Monday 🙂


Enjoying ‘Oz and the Great Powerful’

Family outing to the ‘Imperial War Museum’!


Sunday Stars :)

This is my first #SundayStars post….
I am so very proud of how my little mans reading has come on…he has shocked me the last few days and I am so very proud of him.

Reading everyday really does push them to be more literate and their confidence with reading develops more and more. It sure brings a smile to my face when he reads and understands the context of the book. That can be tricky for any child!!
They might be able to read the page and say the words very well, but do they actually understand the story and the meaning behind the words?!

Year 2 has been a fantastic year of learning and LISTENING ….this must mean only 2 things 😉 1 he loves his teacher and 2 he actually enjoys learning the topics that are taught.
He has been obsessed with Titanic (learning about transport) and the Beatles 🙂
Proud of my little man 🙂 xox


Running in Lavender

Loving the holiday’s already?!

Sooooo it’s half term already…..sure it was only just Christmas holidays?!

Can’t believe how quickly 2015 is passing us by already. Seems as if summer is only round the corner…but now its February half term and the fun has begun.

We have already ventured to Kidspace for some fun straight after school broke up and enjoyed our Valentines meal a day before. Steak, Pudding, Wine, Chocolates….oh so good 😉

Woke up to a cuppa in my love mug, beautiful red roses, a teddy (which CJ has taken a shine to) and a lovely card. Thanks hubby;) and Happy Valentines Day to you!!

I know there is a cliche of Valentines Day and how for just one day you ‘need’ to be romantic and loving and spend shit loads of money, but deep down everyone loves it and would be very hurt if their partners didn’t get involved. Even just the card or flowers can be sentimental or breakfast in bed. Unless your partners buy flowers every week or spoil you with gifts and romance everyday (ha, who does that) then you can’t say for just 1 day you’re not bothered about valentines.

Deep down us women and men love to give or get given something special. Just embrace it and enjoy 😉 xox

My Valentine Treats xox

Mornings with Madam

Mornings with madam are becoming much more fun and girlie as my princess gets older.

We love to spend our mornings together either making plans with friends or enjoying each others company, playing, drawing, cleaning (my little helper) and sharing each others snacks (little food monster)

I’d say the last week my little girl is growing more and more attached to her babies, dolls and teddies.It’s either sleep time with every duvet and blanket in the house or they are set up in the living room to watch their favourite film\show. She is obsessed with playing mummy and telling them what to do. The moody and very bossy role-playing must be a reflection of what I’m like…oh dear, my mother tells me I’m bossy but I don’t believe it one bit, LOL!!

I certainly miss spending time with my boy, but I’m very happy I am able to put CJ into nursery one afternoon a week so that I get special time with OB and do the things we love together, just mummy and son.

What fun things do you do with your children? Do you have to split your time with each child, so you get a chance to see them as little people? Do you feel bad and wonder if your leaving one out?

Parenting is tough, but we do the best we can!