Juggling life…

Not sure I know how to juggle being a full time worker / mum / cleaner / fairy princess & football coach! 

We moved to the seaside back in July 2015 and we sure have had some ups (seaside living) and downs (no money). I have been in and out of a couple jobs since November enjoying part time hours, but now the last 3 weeks I have been managing two fabulous ladies and working with some great kiddos. It’s been a challenging few weeks and I know there is more to come, but working full time and being there for my family is pretty tough. 

Women seriously have to split themselves into two just so we can keep the peace in all areas of our lives. How the hell do you do it? It’s pretty damn tiring if you ask me! Full time working mama can be rewarding but extremely exhausting. For the last 2 years I never really got that ‘Friday Feeling’, but now I crave that large, very LARGE GLASS of vino and late night with the hubby (10pm late?) oh how I love a weekend. 

  Working full time brings some challenges, they are: 

  • Keeping up with the washing…are the kids uniforms all washed?
  • What the heck do we cook for dinner when we get in at 6.45pm?
  • Do I set the alarm for 6.10am and get ready slowly or do we get up at 7am and rush about? 
  • Do I get to work extra early and prepare my day or turn up on time and wing it? 
  • Do I clean the house on a Friday, ready for a chilled weekend or leave it for Sunday, ready for the week ahead? 
  • Should I cook food on Sunday ready to freeze for the week? Well that’s a great idea but 1) we don’t have a lot of room in the freezer and 2) I don’t wanna cook and clean on my Sunday!
  • The guilt you feel 1) not being able to take your kids to school or pick them up with other parents 2) not making those meetings that are not necessary but something you still would love to go to 3) getting homework done on time 4) beach trips after school

I guess if I give myself some time to settle into full time work and organise myself with the family it will all flow smoothly. It’s just finding the balance that’s tricky and for a libra, balance is what we crave. 
Anyone have some great tips or ideas on how we can live a balanced life? Does that even exist? Throw them at me! 

Thanks for reading xo 

Surviving Sundays as a Parent!

Sundays used to be lay in’s and breakfast in bed and catching up with friends and Sunday lunches at the pub…

Sunday’s before kids were great and yes Sunday’s as a parent are great too…cuddles in bed with your babies, baking Sunday treats with the kids and going on winter/Summer walks  with the family are special memories made. 

When the hubby isn’t working we love to just ‘be’ together, but as the school years go on and there is more homework to be done, more writing and more research comes in to play and that’s when parenting becomes a challenge. 

Do you have patience? Can you be understanding? Do you get easily stressed? Do you choose the right times to partake in homework? Do you bribe the kids? 

I ask these questions because 1) I DONT HAVE PATIENCE 2) I CAN BE UNDERSTANDING but I am also quite military and a huge perfectionist (awful I know, but I hope it’s a good thing, SOMETIMES) 3) I GET EASILY STRESSED OF COURSE, if you don’t then you’re full of crap lol 😉 4) I GUESS I MIGHT NOT ALWAYS CHOOSE THE RIGHT TIME TO DO HW and 5)…of course I BRIBE!

Sunday seems to be the day that most parents crack down on homework and express there ‘delight’ in sitting down with the kids and finish off a piece of work that needs to be in on Monday. Facebook is very popular with parents writing ‘Its Sunday, that only means one thing, HOMEWORK TIME,’ How can we turn this dreaded time from bad to good?!

A lot of kids receive their homework on a Thursday or Friday and some friends I know get the work done straight away and ‘bribe’ the kids with a fun weekend at theme parks or cinema trips. This is a trick we used to do but since we moved, I have still been out of sink and not completely settled with the ‘new school’ homework routine.

I still have lots to learn when it comes to homework and undergoing homework in a peaceful environment, but here are a few tips and helpful ways to make homework a much more enjoyable experience (I hope I can bring these helpful tips into practice myself)

  • Choose a good time of day when the kids are ready, (warn them) make up a routine for the day and allow them to see when homework will have to be done in writing.
  • Make sure they are fed and watered.
  • Make sure they have had their toilet break too – my son will find anyway to distract himself.
  • Bring out all the necessary items you might need i.e computer (research) pencils, rubber, homework books etc
  • If you have other kiddies (younger or older) get them to find something to do in another room so there are no distractions.
  • BREATHE…every second you can lol if it’s allowed lol have a vodka and Coke beside you (I’m not talking get tipsy) lol
  • I found this message, I feel all parents must read…  
  • Maybe choose the ‘harder’ homework to do first so it’s out of the way.
  • Instead of doing it ALL in one day, maybe do a couple bits of the homework each day. A teacher from Oscars school said that doing the homework in small batches makes for better work, so that way mum and child are not stressing out to much. Well that’s easy said than done lol! 
  • Reward them if it’s been a success, with a play on the Wii or iPad or a trip to the park.

Do you have any tips for myself or other mums/dads that you use during homework sessions? 

Hope homework gets easier…oh wait wishful thinking lol

Thanks for reading xox 

D for Dentist Drama!  

So we all pretty much hated the trip to the dentist when we were little, didn’t we? 

I sure did and I remember mum having to bribe me to go. “You can have a toy if you listen at the dentist” 

Oscar my eldest has always been very good going to his check ups and so has my youngest Caitlyn, but all of a sudden the trip we went to 2 weeks ago and the trip we did today was a complete and utter flop. Madam has had a complete breakdown on the dentist chair and refused to have anything prodded in her mouth even if  our dentist is a good friend. 

She was threatened with us saying we would have to take her to the hospital if she doesn’t listen now. That still didn’t make any difference. There was no way she was having her teeth checked. 

Sadly she does need 2 teeth sorted out as she has a hole in each tooth (bad mummy 😪) sweets and treats have been reduced or at least tried to be reduced to ‘not much’ but even that can be tricky. What to do? 

The appointments are rushed and myself and Caitlyn are put under pressure, so we are hoping to have another appointment before we head to Whitstable, taken over two apps and daddy is for sure taking her this time. Is it awful to say that I can’t cope we her melt down. Just hope daddy can do a better job at sorting her out lol! 

Anyway wish us luck😱😢😆😂!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading xox 


Daddy Love…

So like I said before, hubby was away for a WHOLE week…

The kids missed him like crazy and when he returned safe and sound, they jumped all over him. Smothering him with all the love hugs and kisses in the world. It was a very sweet sight indeed lol!

     Although I am pretty much with the kids all day, including bath and dinner time, the kids do enjoy daddy putting them to bed and we all do enjoy the days daddy is off. The minute he walks through the door it’s daddy is home and Caitlyn will jump up and run for cuddles. 

Caitlyn is very much daddy’s girl when he is home and very much mummy mummy when I’m with her….she is so affectionate and loving towards both Mark and I but more so with Mark on his days off. It’s “daddy come here” and “daddy will you help me?” 

Daddy can be strict but he can also let them get away with a few things here and there, guess because he doesn’t see them as much as I do lol! Although I do like an easy life too sometimes. 

Daddy is away again in June for another week of training and then 2 days in July. Feels very strange but we are so proud with how hard he works. We love you daddy💞

Fathers Day Soon!!! 

Thank you for reading xox 

Doing it ALONE for a week! 

I have been a little nervous about this week the last few weeks leading up to it as it’s the week hubby is away on training for work. 

Hubby works very hard and being a stay at home mum I’m generally the one doing all the running around for the kids but this is the time I’ll do EVERYTHING! 

I am a very lucky lady to not have to do much of a morning. Hubby does the ironing and sorts the kids breakfast-I get brought a cuppa in bed 😜 (oh how I miss you) then I get up and make hubby his brekkie and make him a coffee, we sort the kids out, I watch the kids when they do their teeth and then I head out and take them to school and nursery. So now I have to do the 6 am wake up & iron (the night before as I don’t want to stress out in the am) lol etc etc

Wednesday’s are normally hubby’s day off so he does the school run. Oscar loves it and gets to ride his bike. We enjoy days out and just spend time together-we miss out this week😢! 

Although I have been a little nervous, it seems to all be going ok at the moment…(writing on Tuesday morning…continue on…)

We were lucky to have friends over for dinner and a movie on Monday night …the kids had a ball!

Tuesday morning we had a little time to spare so we enjoyed a game of Uno and Caitlyn and I enjoyed a play date at Kidpsace. 

Tuesday evening we enjoyed a cosy night in with a film and popcorn. We missed daddy so much, we have been facetiming him every evening. 

Wednesday Caitlyn and I enjoyed the toddler group with Carly. Always good to catch up with a great friend and hear Happy News!! This day was also a very exciting day for my youngest as she had the chance to take part in athletics today. She did so well and participated well seen it was a class for  6+ year olds. Well done Cakie 👍🎉

Thursday (1 sleep till daddy is home) Oscar had a very busy day at school and had a swimming lesson too…very busy and rather grumpy when he got home at 4.30! 

We all enjoyed a tea play date with Caitlyn’s friend…the kids played dress up and made a picnic. They enjoyed bangers, mash and veg for tea and pastry with custard for pudding. Lovely cuppa for the mums and a chin wag too.  


Cosy night in again watching my new found obsesson ‘Orange is the New Black’ season 2!! 

Friday after school we enjoyed an outing in the woods with friends…the kids took their scooters and they had a ball climbing trees. 

Hubby came home and the kids had a sleep over at nana’s house. I enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends. The food was fab at Blacks Burgers a must for anyone who hasn’t been. 

Overall we had a brilliant week and although we missed daddy…we enjoyed our time together and happy to have him home.

      Thanks for reading xox 

Mum’s suffer colds & flu’s too…

Now they say mums don’t get ill (can’t get ill) that’s rubbish…we’re also human too and struggle when we are not well. 

  I don’t get sick a lot but when I do myself and Caitlyn are the ones that suffer ‘Man Flu’ symptoms. We moan and groan, we feel like we can’t do anything, we are hopeless at achieving anything and just wanna crawl up in bed and stay there. Anyone feel the same? 

When hubby leaves for work…I dread what the day will bring when I have two sprogs in tow. 

How do I keep the kiddies entertained when I can’t do anything for myself? I have two very active kids, but I haven’t even got much energy to move a finger! 

Here are a few ideas to keeping the kids entertained:

  • Allow iPad and WII usage whenever and for however long lol (keeps them busy and quiet) 
  • Watch movies all day long 
  • Allow friends and family to help out and take the kids out to burn some energy
  • Get them to help with chores and reward them when you are better 
  • Play dough is another perfect activity to keep them busy for hours 
  • Get the Lego out and have a building competition

I am very lucky to have some great friends who help out when I’m ill and get the kids out for fun and frolics. 

Like I say, I’m not ill that often but you always need that help when hubby is at work. 

What are your helpful tips to keep the kids busy and happy when you are not well…. 


Stressed out MUM-Parenting!

Parenting can be such great fun and can certainly be very rewarding but I also have very ‘scream in the pillow’ and ‘grey hairs’ kinda days/weeks.

My son is 7 going on 17 and yes he knows EVERYTHING and strops like you won’t believe. Drives me up the wall, but of course I love him so very much!

My daughter is 4 and yes she is such a little princess lol! 

I am a SAHM and I love spending this time with them, picking them up from school/nursery, going on play dates etc but I do feel like my brain is slightly shrivelled up and I don’t quite know who ‘Shannan’ is anymore. All I seem to be is MUM not just SHANNAN!! 

As much as I’d like to go back to work, I can’t as Caitlyn’s nursery haven’t any more space for her to go longer in the day. This month we find out about schools-can’t wait! September can’t come any sooner but the. I also don’t want my last little ‘baby’ to grow and change into a ‘BIG GIRL’ as she says.

I do find I have days when I’m constantly shouting, screaming and moaning. The kids don’t want to listen to me, are cheeky and are just playing up, probably because I’m so moody and shouty. Half the time I know it’s premenstral but deep down…I’m tired, bored and need to find something for me to do. That’s why I stared blogging. 

Do any of you mums know what I’m talking about. I’m always looking up ways to find calm and patients and Pinterest is always a good guide. 

Here are a few ideas Iv found for me to look through! 

It’s the holidays and sometimes I really looking forward to them and look forward to fun days out…but sometimes I feel nervous (am I going to shout all holiday?) why can’t I say to myself “relax women and enjoy” is there something wrong with me?! 

How can I be cross with these two!!

 But then on dodgy days I’m like…⤵️

I think deep down I must be too hard on myself and yes I must calm down a little…they are only little for such a short time! 

Hope you enjoyed the read! XoX

Happy Easter…


 WOW can’t believe our first week of easter holidays start in less than 12 hours…

So thankful to hubby for taking the kids out ALL afternoon today so I could prep the house (clean and tidy) and sorted ready for my first week with the monsters.

So our first week looks fully booked and filled with fun, well that’s if the kids listen and do as they told (FAT CHANCE) think I’ll have to stock up on wine and ciders 😜

We look forward to seeing friends, days out, Easter egg trails and craft sessions, trip to Kent and a cinema trip. Seen as we are Kidspace and Hobbledown membership holders, I’m sure we will end up there too. I must say….it’s the best days out for the kids. 

I have also written out a weekly plan for Oscar to see what we have planned for the week and I have written down that we will be doing at least 15/20 mins (SATS practice sheets) possibly every other day. Fingers crossed we follow through with this plan, it’s needed!! 

Please take a look at these great Easter Craft Ideas to do with the kids. Look like such fun! 

Well I really hope you all have a fantastic week💐💞😀

Oscar’s Top 3 Gowns!

Now I wasn’t able to see the Oscars last night as we don’t have Sky 😦 (very sad face) love the glitz and glamour of it all.
But have been catching up on E Oscar’s Live from the Red Carpet and I just love a look at all their stunning gowns.

1) My top dress and my very favourite actress Jennifer Anniston 🙂

Completely flawless and stunning:) just love this dress. What do you think?

2) She has got to be another one of my favourite actresses Reese Witherspoon ….she looks stunning in this very simple dress 🙂 flawless of course!

3) This dress is just very princess and I love the simple colour 🙂 so very jel of all these dresses…if only I had an event to go to just to wear a dress like these.


What did you think of the Oscars? Did you watch it?

Hope to hear from you xox

The end is near…

So it’s been a fun and very busy half term with the kids and it’s nearly coming to an end!

Oh no we haven’t done homework lol :/

We haven’t had ‘I’m bored’ comments from the kids at all and have made sure we have kept them busy seeing friends and having fun 🙂 #MemoriesMade

•Thursday we had a lazy morning while daddy and OJ went to work. CJ and I had a clean up and got ourselves ready.
We then went and took the kids swimming which they loved obviously, who doesn’t love a good play in the pool. We saw friends there and it was great to see the kids have a play of water polo.
Then to end the day we had popcorn and watched a film. Don’t you just love it when it raining and all ur family are under one roof enjoying family time 🙂 I sure do!

•Friday we met up with O’s school friend and ended on seeing other formed a from school too. What a great surprise and fun old catch up for us mums.
We then enjoyed Mac D’s for lunch and a play at O’s friends house.
As we don’t have a garden, it’s always good fun visiting friends who have the outdoor space with a huge trampoline lol the kids loved it.
Then another lazy late afternoon at home watching telly and playing with their toys.

Today is Saturday and mummy isn’t feeling to well. C is out at the cinema this am watching Tinkerbell with friends while mum and son cuddled in bed (O is obsessed with mine craft) mummy is hocked on blogging 😉

Think it’s gonna be a lazy weekend for us all after such a fun and busy weekend.

How was your half term with the kids? Did you need a glass of vino every night? Did you visit London or any special days out with the kids?

Hope to hear soon 🙂 xox