Our Week ‘Captured in Moments’!

So we have just finished the last week of our summer holidays and I must say it has certainly been a fun packed week spent with friends and family! 

I know a lot of our friends from Sutton went back to school on Thursday but it’s also good to see that they had a great first couple days back. 

Was fabulous to see them in their uniforms. Let’s just hope my kiddies have a fab first day at their new school and make lots of lovely friends. 

So, before we head off to school, here are our pictures with my family and friends.  

We loved having daddy with us for bank holiday Monday. We enjoyed a lovely lunch then a walk down to the beach. 

The weather wasn’t very good but the fresh air and chilly breeze got us ready for a cuppa and our roast dinner.

The kids are loving living by the sea, even when the weather is crappy.   

  We had a great day with new friends at the park on Tuesday. 

We spent a whole 4 hours of swinging, sliding, jumping, playing football and running like mad.   
  Thursday we spent the afternoon at a friends beach hut. The kids yet again loved being at the beach and I got to have a chinwag with the girls.  Friday we had visitors from London. Carly and I worked together back in 2009 for a year and have been great friends ever since.

Carly and her mum Elaine visited for the day. We showed them around, had a walk along the seafront and enjoyed jacket potatoes for lunch. Thanks for visiting us ladies!! 
Thank you for reading xox 

Running in Lavender

My week in photos! 

Last week sure was a fun and busy time with family and friends.

Here the kids enjoyed a run in the reeds. We had just attended: Music in the Park in Nork woods! 

Loads of fun things for the kids and fab listening to some live music. Just love the summer activities that are around for us to enjoy.   

Here we are enjoy lunch on the beach with a great friend who have helped us and been there when we needed her during this big move. Thanks Stephanie x  

Our new home…oh I am buzzing and can’t wait to move my family into our new place.   I arranged a gathering in the park for the mums and the kids to mingle before we move away. 

We all had a great time and will miss you all very much! I certainly wil miss this park!   

A lovely nursery mummy arranged this fun and tasty ‘International picnic’ for a few of us and they put on a disco too. The girls loved dressing up and they even had the paddling pool out. Thank you so much Clara for your hospitality. 

 Huge thank yous to these ladies and so many other special people who made our leaving drinks. 

We sure had a great time and so thankful for all our cards and gifts!  

Thanks for reading xox 

Welcome Oscar and Caitlyn

My babies… 

I would do anything for these two beauties but wow do they drive me up the wall.

Oscar – My very outgoing, handsome, happy little boy turned 7 this year (2015)he is completely obsessed with football and his new craze ‘minecraft’ and ‘yoyo cards’. He is such a happy go lucky little man and I am so proud of the person he is turning into.

Caitlyn – My very cheeky, happy, smiley and cheerful little lady turns 5 this year (2015) can’t believe how quickly the time is going. She is a real girlie girl but can also play like a real tom boy. She has a great balance about her. You make me proud with your amazing confidence young lady.

This was a happy day…no shock here but the last few days their ears haven’t really worked very well…(Iv threatened an ear doctor app) GRRRRR! There manners are hiding somewhere and they strop like 15 year olds! But yet we are still looking forward to the Easter holiday madness.

Also I have to say….hubby and I sure do make beautiful babies…

My beautiful daughter 💞 


My handsome son 💞

These pics were taken today at Kidpsace. We had a fab day xox

12 years of LOVE! 

So their is this handsome man I call my husband. 

We are celebrating 12 years together today and it’s been an exciting yet very hard time for us both. 

We were very good friends before we started going out. 2003 he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yesssss lol! 

He proposed in amazing style in South Africa at a beautiful castle back in 2006 …moved in together shortly after we returned back from SA and in 2007 found out we where preggers with Oscar 😊

Becoming parents was the most exciting and fun time we had and I sure miss my little man being a tiny cute little baby, now a cheeky 7 year old. 

We then had a very hard time saying goodbye to Marks mum back in 2009….she is missed everyday💐!!

Then baby number 2 came along in 2010….our darling Caityln! 

We had a couple very hard and difficult times after madam was born but I’m so grateful and so happy we are a very strong and happy family now after so much heartache! 

I love you Mark Jackson and I hope I can now continue to make u happy and support you throughout the years like you always have for me.

Happy 12 years of love affection and continued support❤️

Marriage is caring and sharing,
giving and forgiving, 
loving and being loved, 
walking hand in hand,
talking heart to heart,

to give and to take and to see through each other’s eyes. 

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Having a kick about…

Sooooo my boy is completely and utterly obsessed with football…he plays it in the park, in the garden, on the iPad and collect these bloody match attack cards to swap doubles with his mates.

He plays Saturday football but we don’t often go in the winter…I know I feel like a bad mum but I am not standing out in the cold and for him to then catch a cold in the middle of the week and be off school. I would also have u daughter with me and would only get bored and start moaning.
As the weather starts to brighten up then we will be heading back to play.

So now back to my crazy boy and his football obsession.

After school the sun was shining and the first thing out of O mouth is “can we play football at the park or in the garden?”
We set off home, O had a change and off we went outside…O had his new football boots on and football gloves…he was ready to go.


We had a great little kick about and made sure C joined in too.
O turns into Mr Referee and bosses us all about. ” you need to do this” and ” you need to kick the ball like this”

Although it was chilly, we had a good play and I knew they would be satisfied and happy to then be in doors and chill out.

They got every toy possible out the boxes but if they’re happy then that’s all that matters.