Wedding Day Memories 

Recently hubby and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. 

Now they say there is the 7 year itch…that’s not happening to us this time. We are looking into the future and plan a big move with our big family and know it’s going to be a good one for us. 

Now our wedding day was a very special day for the both of us. It was filled with happiness and joy with our special family. Our wedding was very small but still oh so special. 

Venue : Hotel Izulu South Africa 

Date : 10th May 2008 at 3pm 

Our reception area in the Lapa at Hotel IZulu. 

Theme: Simple Elegance    

My favourite instrument is the Saxaphone so it needed to be there at the wedding. Such a beautiful sound. 

Our menu was very much South African. 

Our food was a buffet style with North African Leg of Lamb, Durban curry and fillet of beef. 

Our wedding cake was simply amazing. Gorgeous chocolate moose cake! 


Hubby’s bits ready for the big day👞Burberry Touch was my fav aftershave on him. Thank you to Paul Smith for his wedding suit and accessories. 

My shoes from Debenhams Red Herring and the Valentino perfume was my fragrance of choice. 

 My jewellery and tiara and garter were from Debenhams too 💟

 I had received this stunning ring from my granny when she passed and chose to have it as my something OLD.  My handsome little boy and I on my wedding day. He was nearly 4 months old! 🚹🚺 Ready for the big moment. Walking with my dad and my bridesmaid Sinead and pageboy Scott (my special cousins)    Saying our vows…    We tied the not!!   

 Mr and Mrs Jackson 💍👰🏼👑

Oscar with mummy and daddy on their wedding day! 🚹🚺🚹  Cutting the cake! 

  Dancing with my special brother! 
 First dance with hubby!  

Our day was special and happy and this is what matters the most. 

One day we hope to renew our vows. 

Thank you for reading xox  

Happy Easter! 


Hope you are all having a lovely day….we were so so unorganised we forgot to get the Sunday roast for today…#mummyfail

Mum and I went this morning to see if ANYTHING would be open…obviously nothing much was open (it’s like Christmas) so we raced to the Sainsburys Local and grabbed a yummy roast, now as we speak its cooking away in the oven thanks to hubby. 

I was organised with the Easter eggs and the kids loved their Easter egg hunt (not so many this year – thank god) and I’m sure dinner will be just as good. Roast chicken and the trimmings…lamb can come tomorrow! 

What is everyone eating today? Or is that a silly question?! In South Africa it used to be braai’s with cold meats and salads! Oh how I miss South Africa!! 

What is your poison?

I have to say…after Christmas and birthdays, Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) has got to be the yummiest and most favourite day in our family.

Although we love making pancakes throughout the year, we try to explore and experiment more with pancake toppings.

What is your poison?

•Nutella and banana?
•JUST Nutella?
•How about the traditional sugar and lemon?
•OR fruit and maple syrup?
We all have our favourites but I must say….our favourite would have to be toffee and banana.

Now the other question is….what will you be giving up for lent or do you even follow this tradition?
I can’t say I ever follow it but I think I’ll be giving up ARSEHOLES😜!!

Good luck with LENT and pancakes are not just for Shrove but for life!!!!!

Yummy toppings 🙂

Oohhhh it was so good!


Afternoon Tea anyone?

i100657052._szw480h1280_Afternoon tea anyone?

If you love tea, if you love scones, if you love jam and cream with scones but more importantly if you love rectangular sandwiches with the famous salmon and cream cheese filling…then you’re gonna love an afternoon tea.

I loved the classic style, etiquette and tradition of the afternoon tea. It takes me back to when I would play dress up and tea parties with my doll.

Today the 8th Feb, I enjoyed a lovely afternoon with fabulous friends. We caught up on lots whilst enjoying a scone or two…we talked holidays…family life…and work, which would normally have taken an hour or two max. No not us… after arriving at 2.30pm, we left at 5.15 pm and had seen 3 lots of couples order, eat and pay their bills. Don’t you just love a good natter??!! LOL