Working Mama #Take2

Oh it’s been an exciting week for us Jacksons. I went back to work – full time!

The last 2 years I have been a stay at home mama and I loved it. Got to spend some good quality time with my baby girl in her last year at nursery and we sure had a fantastic time. Sunny afternoons at the park, rainy play dates at Chessington and Kidspace and more fantastic picnic play dates had at Hobbledown.

The summer just passed, we had the best time with the kids at the beach pretty much everyday in our new home town and we spent that last month with my baby girl before she went off to ‘big school’. Just can’t believe how quick the time has passed.

Over the last 2 months, I have been wondering whether it was a good idea to go back to full time work now the kids are back at school. Would it be worth it for me to get paid and then have to pay for the kids to go to breakfast club and the childminders? How are the late evenings going to go and now I’ll be missing out on helping with the school. I’ll also have to ram in all the little jobs around the house into my one day off.

Obviously money is always a huge factor so, hubby and I decided that it would help out hugely if I went back to working full time again. (November 2015)

I am now writing this over a year later (April 2017) updating you on work life and mummy life in the Jackson house.

Its been very tough working 4 long days (8-6) and I have contemplated leaving full time work to just get into any role & try work school hours. That’s not easy. Proving to be challenging for any mum who wants to juggle work and family.

Now I am hoping to work 5 days but shorter hours and only to work term times only. Is this what will balance everything out and make family life easier to juggle? Let’s hope so…

Hope is good but Faith is great xo

Thank you for reading xo


Juggling life…

Not sure I know how to juggle being a full time worker / mum / cleaner / fairy princess & football coach! 

We moved to the seaside back in July 2015 and we sure have had some ups (seaside living) and downs (no money). I have been in and out of a couple jobs since November enjoying part time hours, but now the last 3 weeks I have been managing two fabulous ladies and working with some great kiddos. It’s been a challenging few weeks and I know there is more to come, but working full time and being there for my family is pretty tough. 

Women seriously have to split themselves into two just so we can keep the peace in all areas of our lives. How the hell do you do it? It’s pretty damn tiring if you ask me! Full time working mama can be rewarding but extremely exhausting. For the last 2 years I never really got that ‘Friday Feeling’, but now I crave that large, very LARGE GLASS of vino and late night with the hubby (10pm late?) oh how I love a weekend. 

  Working full time brings some challenges, they are: 

  • Keeping up with the washing…are the kids uniforms all washed?
  • What the heck do we cook for dinner when we get in at 6.45pm?
  • Do I set the alarm for 6.10am and get ready slowly or do we get up at 7am and rush about? 
  • Do I get to work extra early and prepare my day or turn up on time and wing it? 
  • Do I clean the house on a Friday, ready for a chilled weekend or leave it for Sunday, ready for the week ahead? 
  • Should I cook food on Sunday ready to freeze for the week? Well that’s a great idea but 1) we don’t have a lot of room in the freezer and 2) I don’t wanna cook and clean on my Sunday!
  • The guilt you feel 1) not being able to take your kids to school or pick them up with other parents 2) not making those meetings that are not necessary but something you still would love to go to 3) getting homework done on time 4) beach trips after school

I guess if I give myself some time to settle into full time work and organise myself with the family it will all flow smoothly. It’s just finding the balance that’s tricky and for a libra, balance is what we crave. 
Anyone have some great tips or ideas on how we can live a balanced life? Does that even exist? Throw them at me! 

Thanks for reading xo 

Back to reality! 

Can’t believe it’s Monday tomorrow already. This only means one thing, getting ready for work and school! 

The Christmas holidays have been so amazing with the kids and with lovely friends and family! We were so excited to have my brother Darren with us and his partner Brad…spoilt with their company as per usual. 

Always sad to say goodbye to my special family, yet so happy to even get this time with them. It’s horrid when they live so far away. 

Anyone else relate to the fact that their family live abroad?! 

After Christmas we spent some time back in Sutton (where we used to live) to visit friends and it was a busy one!  

Caitlyn had a sleepover with Megan. 

Oscar had a play with his friends Harry and Ney!  


Special times made, memories kept for ever! 

Thanks for reading xo   



Our Sunday has been a fantastic day for mum and children bonding time.

We went to the movies this morning to see Hotel Transylvania 2  and myself and the kids thought it was fab… 

 Oscar was ready and waiting patiently-surprisingly lol 

 Caitlyn looks moody, probably cos mum has the camera in her face again, but she was so excited to see #2. 

After the trip to the cinema, we headed over to SnApPyS soft play, sadly I didn’t get any pictures there. 

How was your Sunday? 

Normally hubby has most Sunday’s off, but this was his day to be in work. 

Hope you all had a great day! 

Thanks for reading xo 


Survival Saturday: #Parenting 

Survival Saturday: #Parenting 
The biggest advice they give parents are DON’T read parenting advice lol Well here are some of my tips but take them as you wish…

💭Formula isn’t the devil…breast can be best, but don’t ever feel guilty about having to bottle feed. There are 👍🏼’s and 👎🏻’s to them all…

My Experience – I tried (was never forced) but I struggled with my first. I used bottle straight away and never felt guilty. 
💭Respect each other’s advice and tips. We all have 👫 friends who know it all or know bugger all lol Respect them anyway and help each other out. 

💭Consistency is important…don’t get me wrong I give in sometimes but how are the kids going to truly understand what they can and can’t do! 
💭Patience is important…breath and take a step back if things get tough. Dealing with a 3 year old or in my case a 7 year old going onto 17 who knows it all can be pretty challenging and frustrating. Don’t be a nag🙄lol I should take my own advice lol 
💭Pick your battles…”don’t touch this” and “don’t do that” can get annoying for any child and us mums and dads. Try not to moan about everything. Another bit of advice I need to take lol! 
💭Follow through with everything you say and do-easier said than done! 
💭Enjoy the mess…oh wait I’m not sure about that lol 
💭Do what works for your family.
💭Listen to your instincts!
💭Unconditional love no matter what the age❤️!
💭The good days out weigh the bad…if I look back now, I can’t say I remember many of the bad days when they were babies. 
💭Follow your intuition. Let them be kids! 
💭Just when you think you understand your kiddies, they’ll change…the years don’t get easier I’m afraid, each stage just has a different type of challenge good or bad lol 

💭Don’t punish when angry, get space and calm down. Easier said than done, ain’t it?! 

💭The parents at the school all brag about their kids…you said you wouldn’t but you will lol!
💭Don’t kick yourself if you can’t get your kids in the ballet or football team on a Saturday or dance on Sunday….they don’t have to be busy with extra activities everyday of the week.
💭Don’t feel bad if your a working parent or if you feel like your loosing yourself because all you do is colour in, paint or wipe snotty noses. Whether you’re working or not, your doing great😉!
That’s it for this Saturday…please leave your comments down below and leave your own tips or advise for us mums and dads!

Mums' Days

Surviving Sundays as a Parent!

Sundays used to be lay in’s and breakfast in bed and catching up with friends and Sunday lunches at the pub…

Sunday’s before kids were great and yes Sunday’s as a parent are great too…cuddles in bed with your babies, baking Sunday treats with the kids and going on winter/Summer walks  with the family are special memories made. 

When the hubby isn’t working we love to just ‘be’ together, but as the school years go on and there is more homework to be done, more writing and more research comes in to play and that’s when parenting becomes a challenge. 

Do you have patience? Can you be understanding? Do you get easily stressed? Do you choose the right times to partake in homework? Do you bribe the kids? 

I ask these questions because 1) I DONT HAVE PATIENCE 2) I CAN BE UNDERSTANDING but I am also quite military and a huge perfectionist (awful I know, but I hope it’s a good thing, SOMETIMES) 3) I GET EASILY STRESSED OF COURSE, if you don’t then you’re full of crap lol 😉 4) I GUESS I MIGHT NOT ALWAYS CHOOSE THE RIGHT TIME TO DO HW and 5)…of course I BRIBE!

Sunday seems to be the day that most parents crack down on homework and express there ‘delight’ in sitting down with the kids and finish off a piece of work that needs to be in on Monday. Facebook is very popular with parents writing ‘Its Sunday, that only means one thing, HOMEWORK TIME,’ How can we turn this dreaded time from bad to good?!

A lot of kids receive their homework on a Thursday or Friday and some friends I know get the work done straight away and ‘bribe’ the kids with a fun weekend at theme parks or cinema trips. This is a trick we used to do but since we moved, I have still been out of sink and not completely settled with the ‘new school’ homework routine.

I still have lots to learn when it comes to homework and undergoing homework in a peaceful environment, but here are a few tips and helpful ways to make homework a much more enjoyable experience (I hope I can bring these helpful tips into practice myself)

  • Choose a good time of day when the kids are ready, (warn them) make up a routine for the day and allow them to see when homework will have to be done in writing.
  • Make sure they are fed and watered.
  • Make sure they have had their toilet break too – my son will find anyway to distract himself.
  • Bring out all the necessary items you might need i.e computer (research) pencils, rubber, homework books etc
  • If you have other kiddies (younger or older) get them to find something to do in another room so there are no distractions.
  • BREATHE…every second you can lol if it’s allowed lol have a vodka and Coke beside you (I’m not talking get tipsy) lol
  • I found this message, I feel all parents must read…  
  • Maybe choose the ‘harder’ homework to do first so it’s out of the way.
  • Instead of doing it ALL in one day, maybe do a couple bits of the homework each day. A teacher from Oscars school said that doing the homework in small batches makes for better work, so that way mum and child are not stressing out to much. Well that’s easy said than done lol! 
  • Reward them if it’s been a success, with a play on the Wii or iPad or a trip to the park.

Do you have any tips for myself or other mums/dads that you use during homework sessions? 

Hope homework gets easier…oh wait wishful thinking lol

Thanks for reading xox