All About Me

I’m gonna be simple Simon for a sec…

I am Shannan Jackson…Wife and mum of two beauties…SAHM and we all live happily ever after in the land of Surrey.

Now lets talk more in-depth…

We are the Jackson family. I am a very happy yet insanely crazy wife to Mark and for sure a manic mum to OJ and CJ. I am a SAHMum (grey hair’s developing as we speak) but do the odd babysitting job of an evening to bring in a little extra cash.
I LOVE and I mean LOVE meeting with my amazing friends and their lovely kids, enjoying fun and exciting days out causing mayhem.

I would say I’m an organised mess kinda mum. My home must be clean and tidy but if you were to have a look inside a cupboard, you would know why I am a ‘organised MESS’. I would say, out of my friends I’m the ‘on time, never late’ kinda person and hate hanging around and waiting for people. Patients is something I lack BIG TIME!

We live in a spacious yet ‘cramped with toys’ 2 bed pad, in the sunny region of Surrey, but if we had it our way, I would be in Kent or further a field to South Africa.

Hubby works his arse off selling cars…his offical title ‘Used Car Controller’ and he does a great job at it. We are very proud of what he does and how hard he works however when you come home, just pick up the towels once you are done in the bath ;)!!

I am originally from sunny South Africa. Have been living in London town since Sep 1996 and have now pretty much made this Island my happy home. I do miss my family very much and we are very lucky to visit on the odd occasion although also truly blessed to have a brother and brother in-law who visit us at least once a year.

So now you now a little about me, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. I intend to use this blog as an escape and a diary of all things family and fun. I’ll be including meal-plans, mum dad and child friendly activities, fun days and bad days, as well as the general ins and outs of my so-called family adventure.

Here is hubby and I on holiday in South Africa 2014-2015xox

Here are my two little monkeys…Oscar and Caityln! Oh how these smiles make me happy xox

Hope you enjoy reading xox

2 thoughts on “All About Me

    • So true honey….that feels like a life time ago lol x hope people will enjoy and hop I can find lots to write about x please what are the things u would like to hear from other mums? X


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