Working Mama #Take2

Oh it’s been an exciting week for us Jacksons. I went back to work – full time!

The last 2 years I have been a stay at home mama and I loved it. Got to spend some good quality time with my baby girl in her last year at nursery and we sure had a fantastic time. Sunny afternoons at the park, rainy play dates at Chessington and Kidspace and more fantastic picnic play dates had at Hobbledown.

The summer just passed, we had the best time with the kids at the beach pretty much everyday in our new home town and we spent that last month with my baby girl before she went off to ‘big school’. Just can’t believe how quick the time has passed.

Over the last 2 months, I have been wondering whether it was a good idea to go back to full time work now the kids are back at school. Would it be worth it for me to get paid and then have to pay for the kids to go to breakfast club and the childminders? How are the late evenings going to go and now I’ll be missing out on helping with the school. I’ll also have to ram in all the little jobs around the house into my one day off.

Obviously money is always a huge factor so, hubby and I decided that it would help out hugely if I went back to working full time again. (November 2015)

I am now writing this over a year later (April 2017) updating you on work life and mummy life in the Jackson house.

Its been very tough working 4 long days (8-6) and I have contemplated leaving full time work to just get into any role & try work school hours. That’s not easy. Proving to be challenging for any mum who wants to juggle work and family.

Now I am hoping to work 5 days but shorter hours and only to work term times only. Is this what will balance everything out and make family life easier to juggle? Let’s hope so…

Hope is good but Faith is great xo

Thank you for reading xo


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