Survival Saturday: #Parenting 

Survival Saturday: #Parenting 
The biggest advice they give parents are DON’T read parenting advice lol Well here are some of my tips but take them as you wish…

💭Formula isn’t the devil…breast can be best, but don’t ever feel guilty about having to bottle feed. There are 👍🏼’s and 👎🏻’s to them all…

My Experience – I tried (was never forced) but I struggled with my first. I used bottle straight away and never felt guilty. 
💭Respect each other’s advice and tips. We all have 👫 friends who know it all or know bugger all lol Respect them anyway and help each other out. 

💭Consistency is important…don’t get me wrong I give in sometimes but how are the kids going to truly understand what they can and can’t do! 
💭Patience is important…breath and take a step back if things get tough. Dealing with a 3 year old or in my case a 7 year old going onto 17 who knows it all can be pretty challenging and frustrating. Don’t be a nag🙄lol I should take my own advice lol 
💭Pick your battles…”don’t touch this” and “don’t do that” can get annoying for any child and us mums and dads. Try not to moan about everything. Another bit of advice I need to take lol! 
💭Follow through with everything you say and do-easier said than done! 
💭Enjoy the mess…oh wait I’m not sure about that lol 
💭Do what works for your family.
💭Listen to your instincts!
💭Unconditional love no matter what the age❤️!
💭The good days out weigh the bad…if I look back now, I can’t say I remember many of the bad days when they were babies. 
💭Follow your intuition. Let them be kids! 
💭Just when you think you understand your kiddies, they’ll change…the years don’t get easier I’m afraid, each stage just has a different type of challenge good or bad lol 

💭Don’t punish when angry, get space and calm down. Easier said than done, ain’t it?! 

💭The parents at the school all brag about their kids…you said you wouldn’t but you will lol!
💭Don’t kick yourself if you can’t get your kids in the ballet or football team on a Saturday or dance on Sunday….they don’t have to be busy with extra activities everyday of the week.
💭Don’t feel bad if your a working parent or if you feel like your loosing yourself because all you do is colour in, paint or wipe snotty noses. Whether you’re working or not, your doing great😉!
That’s it for this Saturday…please leave your comments down below and leave your own tips or advise for us mums and dads!

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