The 2 P’s-Packing & Parenting! 

Well who said PACKING and PARENTING during the summer holidays was easy….might need to be put in a straight jacket with a bottle of wine by next week lol!!! 

Ok a little harsh but when you find things you haven’t had out for months to pack away, then the kids decide to play with it, it’s just not gonna work for me and the packing will take slightly longer in that case. What to do? 

Now people have said, get the kids involved and get them to help with the packing of there things but Iv watched this happen and found a large box had about 4 things in it and they where just about ready to tape it up lol.  I’m sure I could have put a lot more bits in that box.

Today I have just done what I can, played with the kids and taken them to the park for some fresh air. Luckily they are heading out with their Aunty this afternoon so I get some me time. Praise the Lord!! 

I have 3 more days of chaos but luckily the eldest is heading to a holiday camp for one of the days and hubby is around Thursday to dismantle and clean with me. 

Can’t wait to get the move done and dusted! We will miss Sutton oh so very much! 

Anyone have moving tips, packing tips or just any parenting tips for us during this exciting yet nervous time for my family? 

Thanks for reading xox  


2 thoughts on “The 2 P’s-Packing & Parenting! 

    • The move went super thanks to hubby being a fab mover man lol we are now happily settled after 3 weeks of being in our new town. Like most women, change is hard but we have done very well. Just can’t wait till schools are back lol

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