My week in photos! 

Last week sure was a fun and busy time with family and friends.

Here the kids enjoyed a run in the reeds. We had just attended: Music in the Park in Nork woods! 

Loads of fun things for the kids and fab listening to some live music. Just love the summer activities that are around for us to enjoy.   

Here we are enjoy lunch on the beach with a great friend who have helped us and been there when we needed her during this big move. Thanks Stephanie x  

Our new home…oh I am buzzing and can’t wait to move my family into our new place.   I arranged a gathering in the park for the mums and the kids to mingle before we move away. 

We all had a great time and will miss you all very much! I certainly wil miss this park!   

A lovely nursery mummy arranged this fun and tasty ‘International picnic’ for a few of us and they put on a disco too. The girls loved dressing up and they even had the paddling pool out. Thank you so much Clara for your hospitality. 

 Huge thank yous to these ladies and so many other special people who made our leaving drinks. 

We sure had a great time and so thankful for all our cards and gifts!  

Thanks for reading xox 

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