Ready for New Beginnings!

I have been away a long time now from the ‘blogging community’ and I feel lost and disconnected from my blogger friends. 

I haven’t been away because I no longer want to write or share my day to day going on’s…but simply because it’s been a hectic few months. The last few months have been up down up down and now after so long, I have reached an exciting yet very nervous stage of craziness lol! 

We are MOVING in just over a week to a new county, new town, new home and we can’t bloody wait. We are starting a fresh with everything and it’s about bloody time too. 

Hubby and I have talked for a few years now about whether to move or not. I’m just so bloody happy now to tell people that we have actually done it and we are not scared of change. To some who probably thought ‘your all talk and no action’ well its finally here and we say farewell next Saturday. 

I certainly will miss the lovely school mums Iv grown closer to the last year or so and my special school friends who have been in my life since I moved to London. You will all be missed but we are only 1.5 hours drive away….come visit!!! 

I’m hoping once the move is complete and we have settled well, I will then come back from the dead lol and write again. Much more to talk about too…sun, seasides, jobs, schools, holidays, our home etc! 

Hope to come back soon fresh faced and ready to write! 

    Thanks for reading xox 

4 thoughts on “Ready for New Beginnings!

  1. Hi Shannan,

    I am a stay-at-home father of two little girls named Bella and Gabby. As a hobby and a fun gift idea I decided to write each girl a Children’s Book for their birthday this year.

    To help promote the books, I was wondering if you would like a free copy for you and your kids in exchange for a review on your blog. I think Oscar and Caitlyn will love them.


    Andrew Swanson

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