Weekly Meal Plan – WK 8th June! 

Seen as I’m the one that has to complete the food shop daily/weekly…I seem to have to decide what we have for breakfast/lunch and dinner!!! Booooooo!! 

I hate having to decide what to make for dinner EVERY NIGHT, so that’s why I’m only popping on our dinner diary for the week. Breakfast normally means slices of toast for hubby and I and weetabix for the kids. Lunches are sandwiches and kids eat at nursery/school. 

I’m constantly asking friends what they are having cos people, I need ideas lol! 

Monday – spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread 

Tueaday – pork chops, mash potato and veggies (gravy) 

Wednesday – sweet and sour chicken and rice 

Thursday – spaghetti carbonara 

Friday – pizza 

Saturday – sausages and mash 

Sunday – gammon roast, roast potatos and veggies 

So that’s what we are having this week. 

Hubby is away so it’s just me and the kids being fed. Hubby is being fed by the hotel-lucky bugger! 

Let me know what your cooking up this week….new ideas welcome!! 

Thanks for reading xox 

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