Remember what’s important…CandidCuddles Quotes!! 

Here are a few quotes Iv seen in the last week and they have really made me stop and think….


This one especially made me think….I should have had the 6 shots this week! It’s been a total roller coaster ride (can’t stand roller coasters anyway) and it’s made me think…what’s meant to be, will be!!   

Wish I worried less. My father says ” Only worry if it’s necessary” but really, I worry about anything and everything! I’m sure I’ll grow out of it lol! 

What qoutes / sayings have you seen that interest you at this moment in time? 

Thanks for reading xox 

Cuddle Fairy

Summer fashion for my boy!! 

Now it’s my boys turn…

If you saw the list of goodies for my daughter then I also have my boys list of summer goodies for boys from H&M.

My son, aswell as my daughter utterly loves H&M. There are such great boys things and fab character t-shirts too.

Nana recently bought Oscar some great bits. Vests, couple sweatshirts, trainers, trousers and a pair of shorts. 

It’s now time I have a look to see what goodies are about for him online. 

Here are 8 bits for boys we like from H&M… 

1) 2 Pack T-Shirts (Grey / Big Hero 6) £9.99

2) T-Shirt with a print (Grey / Star Wars) £5.99

3) T-Shirt with a print (Blue) £5.99

4) Trainers (Black) £14.99

5) Trainers (Dark Blue) £5.99

6) Chino Shorts (Dark Blue) £5.99

7) Slim Jeans (Denim Blue) £12.99

8) Chino Shorts (Dark Blue) £9.99

So this was our summer fashion ideas. Just love all the different designs on the t-shirts. There are even more fab tops for all the boys out there. 

What are your favourites?! 

Thanks for reading xox 

Summer fashion for little ladies-SORTED!!

Spring has sprung and summer is closely upon us. 

Can’t believe how quick this year has gone already and now that the sun is shining and the chance to be out in the parks and green open spaces gets me all too excited about the summer. 

I get really excited about the summer, but most importantly my little girl is happy to just break out into her summer dresses and sandals. 

Our favourite shop as a family has got to be H&M. They have a fab summer collection and kids clothes are so simple and stylish. 

After nana bought the kids clothes a couple weeks ago from H&M….thanks nana! I have taken the time to have a browse online and see what they have for little ladies. Here are my favourite bits for Caitlyn. 


1) Jersey Dreas (Light Beige Marl) £3.99

2) Jersey Dress (Light Pink) £2.99 

3) Frilled Dress (Light Blue) £2.99

4) Sandals (Gold) £7.99

5) Patterned Trainers (White) £7.99

6) Sleeveless Top with a Print (White/Leapord Print) £3.99

7) Denim Shorts (Blue) £5.99 

8) Cotton Cardigan (Light Pink) £9.99

Thanks to H&M, we have summer sorted for my little girl. 

Thanks for reading xox 

Weekly Meal Plan – WK 8th June! 

Seen as I’m the one that has to complete the food shop daily/weekly…I seem to have to decide what we have for breakfast/lunch and dinner!!! Booooooo!! 

I hate having to decide what to make for dinner EVERY NIGHT, so that’s why I’m only popping on our dinner diary for the week. Breakfast normally means slices of toast for hubby and I and weetabix for the kids. Lunches are sandwiches and kids eat at nursery/school. 

I’m constantly asking friends what they are having cos people, I need ideas lol! 

Monday – spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread 

Tueaday – pork chops, mash potato and veggies (gravy) 

Wednesday – sweet and sour chicken and rice 

Thursday – spaghetti carbonara 

Friday – pizza 

Saturday – sausages and mash 

Sunday – gammon roast, roast potatos and veggies 

So that’s what we are having this week. 

Hubby is away so it’s just me and the kids being fed. Hubby is being fed by the hotel-lucky bugger! 

Let me know what your cooking up this week….new ideas welcome!! 

Thanks for reading xox