Whitstable – #TheList

Another hectic week had with the family and a little stressful for me. Some how the kids seem to be annoying me much more and I’m not handling it well….

Anyway back to our week (you can see I need to vent) lol!!!! 

Wednesday saw myself, hubby and madam head off to Whitstable AGAIN.

We had a much more organised visit this time round. No fun had on the beach, although the weather and a picnic on the beach would have been far more inviting. 

This trip included 2 school visits and 3 property viewings. 

School #1 : First choice….

  • Great school. 
  • Friendly staff / atmosphere. 
  • Show around was a success and Caitlyn enjoyed it.
  • Fun and colourful class rooms and good layout. 
  • Well bahavied kids (always a good sign)

We were very happy with the school and the show around was a fun and exciting experience for Caitlyn. Although Oscar was at schoo and unable to view it, we are sure he would like it too. 

School #2 : Second choice….

  • Welcome visit was good and we had a private chat with the headmaster too (bonus) 
  • Old build school so I initially didn’t feel the same way about this school than I did with the other…also seemed a little more untidy 😦 
  • Head seemed involved with what was going on but possibly a little act :-/ (if you know what I mean) 
  • All the staff from years 2 and 6 didn’t seem to be in the room for and 3 classes as they were doing planning in the staff room :/ (not keen) 
  • I liked the fact they had older kids from years 5/6 supporting young children in class with their work. 
  • Lovely outdoor space

After viewing this school we new we much preferred the first one we saw and the fact that we have a friends little one there already made us feel a little more comfortable. They speak highly of the school.

I am just very picky and will pick up on small things I might not like but overall people in whitstable haven’t a bad word to say about any of the schools in the area. We still would rather our first choice, if things were to ever progress. 

The 3 homes we visited weren’t so much of a success….well 2 out of 3 where ok but even those are shortly slipping from our hands. The rental market is very demanding and people are very keen to move into the area. Homes are flying off the shelf very quickly. Fingers crossed we can find somewhere we like and when we need it by. 

So although we enjoyed viewing the schools and homes. We also enjoyed a little bit of play time. Check out the pictures….

                 So a lovely day had…hope to head back again soon 🙂 

The List

Thanks for reading xox 

One thought on “Whitstable – #TheList

  1. hannah mum's days says:

    Wow, gorgeous photos! This all sounds rather exciting 🙂 Great post and good luck with it all xx Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

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