Motherhood is TOUGH #QuoteLinky

Motherhood is one tough bugger!!!!  

Feel like I’m struggling with being a ‘Mummy’ at the moment. 

Not sure if it’s just hormones, the age of the kids, or am I being seriously unreasonable, but I’m struggling with motherhood and my stress levels are taking over. 

I of course put my children’s health and happiness first, before mine. 

They are my rocks and my best friends, but most importantly I am trying my hardest to be their teacher and their leader. I really try hard to do the right thing and show them the right ways to deal with situations and cope well under pressure but I don’t think I am coping well under pressure at all (especially when I’m hormonal) are there other mums out there who shout and scream and feel they can’t cope well when hormonal? 

I feel I am not doing anything right at the moment. I’m not coping well with 7 year old attitude 😞 deep down I know he isn’t really being naughty but I have standards that might be a little too demanding-‘can a 7 year old really do what he is told first time round with no strops’ NO. 

I’m constantly shouting, moaning and cross….is it me and why am I like this? Venting with friends is great and having a supportive hubby is amazing but I don’t want our days filled with a moody mum. Are there any GOOD techniques to stop me from being a horrid shouting mummy?! HELP PLEASE…tips and advice welcome 👍🏼

Cuddle Fairy

16 thoughts on “Motherhood is TOUGH #QuoteLinky

  1. *Hugs* oh honey I feel your pain especially as I seem to be doing the same thing you are at the moment…. Unfortunately I have no useful advice to give you, but I did find that being outta the house yesterday seemed to do the trick for everyone. I hope you mange to find a way and if you do please share. Thinking of you and sending you extra hugs. Xx

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  2. It IS tough – you’re definitely not the only mummy who ever yells & has no idea how to deal with challenging behaviours! I don’t have a 7 yr old but my 3 yr old has had her stroppy phases. With a 9 month baby too, I haven’t been my most patient self this year! What I’ve found is shouting & constant time outs actually make the whole cycle worse. Being calm & consistent, letting some things go & stopping & hugging work better with my daughter – although it’s not always easy! I also read a couple of techniques that have helped us. 1. Not making everything a battle, trying to find other ways like being playful to get things done (eg I bet you can’t get your shoes on before I do) – this can take real effort but has definitely helped in our house 2. Making something a rule rather than mummy says (eg the rule is we always brush teeth in the morning) – my girl is strangely much more accepting of something if I phrase it that way! It’s not perfect & we have our good & bad days but trying some new ways of doing things has helped me break the cycle of constant shouting. And cutting myself some slack & realising we’re all just muddling through the best we can 🙂 Hope this phase passes quickly for you x

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    • Huge thanks honey for posting to me…I have done and I do make things a game to get jobs done but sometimes you just have those days lol the kids defo know when I’m cross because they behave the exact same way I do (it’s not good) don’t get me wrong I have great days when all is right as rain but these last few days have been stressful and I get easily wound up and very impatient very quickly 😦 hope today is a good day. Hope you have a good day too xxx


  3. Have no tips and advice I’m afraid but wanted to say you’re not alone. I’m struggling with my three year old. How bad is that. I can’t ‘control’ my three year old. Hate that word and what it means but you get what I mean. He keeps hitting and kicking his sister and whenever I tell him No he seems to think it’s hysterically funny. I’m at a loss as to what to do with him and it scares me. If he won’t listen to me now what’s he going to be like at 7? And worse of all his 16 month old sister has started copying him. She’s started to hit me and laugh when I say no. This parenting lark isn’t easy. And yes, when I’m hormonal it’s hundred times worse. Hugs to you.

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    • Oh my honey I’m sorry….this parental stuff is tough and so hard. It’s sort of good to know we are all in the same place and that we should all just scream in the pillow 🙂 hope we can get through this as normal as possible 🙂 xxx

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  4. your child is lucky. at least you want to be a better mum 🙂 just do the best you can, we’re all human, when things get tough we lose our cool… it’s normal… it’s not easy raising kids.

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