Doing it ALONE for a week! 

I have been a little nervous about this week the last few weeks leading up to it as it’s the week hubby is away on training for work. 

Hubby works very hard and being a stay at home mum I’m generally the one doing all the running around for the kids but this is the time I’ll do EVERYTHING! 

I am a very lucky lady to not have to do much of a morning. Hubby does the ironing and sorts the kids breakfast-I get brought a cuppa in bed 😜 (oh how I miss you) then I get up and make hubby his brekkie and make him a coffee, we sort the kids out, I watch the kids when they do their teeth and then I head out and take them to school and nursery. So now I have to do the 6 am wake up & iron (the night before as I don’t want to stress out in the am) lol etc etc

Wednesday’s are normally hubby’s day off so he does the school run. Oscar loves it and gets to ride his bike. We enjoy days out and just spend time together-we miss out this week😢! 

Although I have been a little nervous, it seems to all be going ok at the moment…(writing on Tuesday morning…continue on…)

We were lucky to have friends over for dinner and a movie on Monday night …the kids had a ball!

Tuesday morning we had a little time to spare so we enjoyed a game of Uno and Caitlyn and I enjoyed a play date at Kidpsace. 

Tuesday evening we enjoyed a cosy night in with a film and popcorn. We missed daddy so much, we have been facetiming him every evening. 

Wednesday Caitlyn and I enjoyed the toddler group with Carly. Always good to catch up with a great friend and hear Happy News!! This day was also a very exciting day for my youngest as she had the chance to take part in athletics today. She did so well and participated well seen it was a class for  6+ year olds. Well done Cakie 👍🎉

Thursday (1 sleep till daddy is home) Oscar had a very busy day at school and had a swimming lesson too…very busy and rather grumpy when he got home at 4.30! 

We all enjoyed a tea play date with Caitlyn’s friend…the kids played dress up and made a picnic. They enjoyed bangers, mash and veg for tea and pastry with custard for pudding. Lovely cuppa for the mums and a chin wag too.  


Cosy night in again watching my new found obsesson ‘Orange is the New Black’ season 2!! 

Friday after school we enjoyed an outing in the woods with friends…the kids took their scooters and they had a ball climbing trees. 

Hubby came home and the kids had a sleep over at nana’s house. I enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends. The food was fab at Blacks Burgers a must for anyone who hasn’t been. 

Overall we had a brilliant week and although we missed daddy…we enjoyed our time together and happy to have him home.

      Thanks for reading xox 

4 thoughts on “Doing it ALONE for a week! 

  1. Such cuties! Sounds like you managed to fit a lot of fun into the week, it can be really hard trying to get everything done on your own. Sometimes my husband will be away for a night or two with work. It can be hard! It gives me a lot of respect for single parents, I don’t know how they do it.

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