Wedding Day Memories 

Recently hubby and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. 

Now they say there is the 7 year itch…that’s not happening to us this time. We are looking into the future and plan a big move with our big family and know it’s going to be a good one for us. 

Now our wedding day was a very special day for the both of us. It was filled with happiness and joy with our special family. Our wedding was very small but still oh so special. 

Venue : Hotel Izulu South Africa 

Date : 10th May 2008 at 3pm 

Our reception area in the Lapa at Hotel IZulu. 

Theme: Simple Elegance    

My favourite instrument is the Saxaphone so it needed to be there at the wedding. Such a beautiful sound. 

Our menu was very much South African. 

Our food was a buffet style with North African Leg of Lamb, Durban curry and fillet of beef. 

Our wedding cake was simply amazing. Gorgeous chocolate moose cake! 


Hubby’s bits ready for the big day👞Burberry Touch was my fav aftershave on him. Thank you to Paul Smith for his wedding suit and accessories. 

My shoes from Debenhams Red Herring and the Valentino perfume was my fragrance of choice. 

 My jewellery and tiara and garter were from Debenhams too 💟

 I had received this stunning ring from my granny when she passed and chose to have it as my something OLD.  My handsome little boy and I on my wedding day. He was nearly 4 months old! 🚹🚺 Ready for the big moment. Walking with my dad and my bridesmaid Sinead and pageboy Scott (my special cousins)    Saying our vows…    We tied the not!!   

 Mr and Mrs Jackson 💍👰🏼👑

Oscar with mummy and daddy on their wedding day! 🚹🚺🚹  Cutting the cake! 

  Dancing with my special brother! 
 First dance with hubby!  

Our day was special and happy and this is what matters the most. 

One day we hope to renew our vows. 

Thank you for reading xox  

Long summer days are upon us…

So I’m all about ‘Happy Feelings’ at this moment in time. 

I am feeling very happy and relaxed the last few days after a rough and stressful week last week. 

The weather today is making me extra happy and so content. Feels like summer is  right around the corner, just hope it doesn’t change soon. 

Iv added a few qoutes to this weeks linky, so I hope you like them. 

Life sure is better in flip flops.   

Not quite summer just yet but feeling like it this morning!   

I loved this qoute…I feel that driving force works a lot better when the sun is out…don’t you think?  

Now these two pictures…fit perfectly for today. The sun is shining and I am happy☀️   

Thanks for reading xox 

Cuddle Fairy

Whitstable – #TheList

Another hectic week had with the family and a little stressful for me. Some how the kids seem to be annoying me much more and I’m not handling it well….

Anyway back to our week (you can see I need to vent) lol!!!! 

Wednesday saw myself, hubby and madam head off to Whitstable AGAIN.

We had a much more organised visit this time round. No fun had on the beach, although the weather and a picnic on the beach would have been far more inviting. 

This trip included 2 school visits and 3 property viewings. 

School #1 : First choice….

  • Great school. 
  • Friendly staff / atmosphere. 
  • Show around was a success and Caitlyn enjoyed it.
  • Fun and colourful class rooms and good layout. 
  • Well bahavied kids (always a good sign)

We were very happy with the school and the show around was a fun and exciting experience for Caitlyn. Although Oscar was at schoo and unable to view it, we are sure he would like it too. 

School #2 : Second choice….

  • Welcome visit was good and we had a private chat with the headmaster too (bonus) 
  • Old build school so I initially didn’t feel the same way about this school than I did with the other…also seemed a little more untidy 😦 
  • Head seemed involved with what was going on but possibly a little act :-/ (if you know what I mean) 
  • All the staff from years 2 and 6 didn’t seem to be in the room for and 3 classes as they were doing planning in the staff room :/ (not keen) 
  • I liked the fact they had older kids from years 5/6 supporting young children in class with their work. 
  • Lovely outdoor space

After viewing this school we new we much preferred the first one we saw and the fact that we have a friends little one there already made us feel a little more comfortable. They speak highly of the school.

I am just very picky and will pick up on small things I might not like but overall people in whitstable haven’t a bad word to say about any of the schools in the area. We still would rather our first choice, if things were to ever progress. 

The 3 homes we visited weren’t so much of a success….well 2 out of 3 where ok but even those are shortly slipping from our hands. The rental market is very demanding and people are very keen to move into the area. Homes are flying off the shelf very quickly. Fingers crossed we can find somewhere we like and when we need it by. 

So although we enjoyed viewing the schools and homes. We also enjoyed a little bit of play time. Check out the pictures….

                 So a lovely day had…hope to head back again soon 🙂 

The List

Thanks for reading xox 

Motherhood is TOUGH #QuoteLinky

Motherhood is one tough bugger!!!!  

Feel like I’m struggling with being a ‘Mummy’ at the moment. 

Not sure if it’s just hormones, the age of the kids, or am I being seriously unreasonable, but I’m struggling with motherhood and my stress levels are taking over. 

I of course put my children’s health and happiness first, before mine. 

They are my rocks and my best friends, but most importantly I am trying my hardest to be their teacher and their leader. I really try hard to do the right thing and show them the right ways to deal with situations and cope well under pressure but I don’t think I am coping well under pressure at all (especially when I’m hormonal) are there other mums out there who shout and scream and feel they can’t cope well when hormonal? 

I feel I am not doing anything right at the moment. I’m not coping well with 7 year old attitude 😞 deep down I know he isn’t really being naughty but I have standards that might be a little too demanding-‘can a 7 year old really do what he is told first time round with no strops’ NO. 

I’m constantly shouting, moaning and cross….is it me and why am I like this? Venting with friends is great and having a supportive hubby is amazing but I don’t want our days filled with a moody mum. Are there any GOOD techniques to stop me from being a horrid shouting mummy?! HELP PLEASE…tips and advice welcome 👍🏼

Cuddle Fairy


I have just joined quicky qoutes today and as I am feeling a little stressed these last few days, I thought this fits perfectly…there is a lot on my mind at the mo….money and family is always a sure thing to stress anyone out I’m sure and the decisions we make are pretty stressful too. 
We would love to move out of SUTTON and be closer to the seaside but it’s proving to be a scary process. I still hope it happens when we want it to happen. 
My first qoutes is exactly what I should be doing….not stress, not obsess and just have FAITH it will all work out if it’s meant to work out. 


This qoute is very true…if I worry to much then it will stop me from what I have to focus on today. 

Fingers crossed I stop worrying and do more doing lol! 
Thanks for reading xox 

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Mummy role #28 NURSE!!  

So us mums and dads have many a role right….we have many jobs and play many parts when it comes to being a parent. These roles might include: 

  • Teacher 
  • Psychologist 
  • Driver 
  • Mentor 
  • Friend 
  • Cleaner and so on….
  • ….but when it’s time to play nurse we feel sometimes helpless and sad that our little ones are not feeling well. 

It might be a bump or a fall in the park or feeling a headache coming on and a temp starting but we must be on call for our kiddies and we hope we can do all we can to make them feel better. 

The weather these days seems to be a little confusing. One minute it’s 28 then it’s 15 degrees….can’t you just make up ur bloody mind. Oh wait we live in England😜!!

So what with the sudden change of weather and unsure what to wear outdoors, this can bring on sickness and illnesses to others around us very quickly and the popular sickness going around at the moment is the SICKNESS BUG😷😤😰!!

Kids catch each other’s coughs and colds so quickly and it drives me up the wall. Can’t stand to see kids with runny noses. 

So now my little girl has that horrid runny nose and not such a good cough either. Madam NEVER sleeps in the day unless she is unwell and it seems that after I told her to have a chill out on her bed, I have walked in 10 mins later to find her asleep and obviously not feeling well.

It seems us ladies in the house catch these colds a lot more than the men and we seem to suffer more too. I don’t think it’s man flu for men but MAN FLU for women lol! 

So now madam isn’t well I think it’s time for my role to change from cleaner to nurse. 

What is needed to be a mummy/daddy nurse: 

  • Be loving and offer sickness cuddles.
  • Be on demand to offer fluids, meds and blankets. 
  • Supply playdough on a tray with cutters for while they lay on the sofa or in bed.
  • If they have a cough then NO dairy and NO sweet products as this can make coughs worse.
  • Just love and cuddle them always but put that MASK on if you do t want to catch it! 
  • Apply Vix on feet and chest….and drink lots of water! 

Let’s just hope this isn’t on going. Hope you feel better soon Caitlyn! Mummy nurse is here! 

Thanks for reading! XoX