10 games to play with your kiddies!! 

Like any parent with a little crazy and yet a very busy family life, we love to have some peace and quiet and just leave the kids to play on their own, but there are also hours in the day when we get a chance to play alongside our kids…I typically love a walk in the woods or a play at the park but one on one games/challenges are just as fun.

As I spend a lot of time at home (SAHM) I need me time but I also find games I can play with the kids. If there are any you play then keep me posted! 

I have put together a list of games me and the kids play…

  1. Uno- Our top game at the moment. This is a real ‘family’ game and even my little 4 year old is a pro. The kids both get to learn turn taking and understand rules of the game, but it can get quite competitive too!!
  2. Play dough masterpiece competition- fun ways to get involved with an easy competition and create a model from scratch. Really fun and really funny creations can be made. 
  3. Kims game- this was a game I learnt while I was working with children. It’s a great game to develop memory skills. Check out How to play… and have a great game with the kids. See how good your memory is! 
  4. Hangman- another fab family game. Hubby and I started playing again while the kids would be playing at the local soft play. Now our son has shown a huge interest too. It really encourages him to better his spelling, help to learn decoding words and just have fun. He loves playing. 
  5. Duvet den- a fab and fun way to enjoy the indoors while the weather is a little crappy should I say😉!! Role play area or a mini sensory space. Even a little library/music area. Anyway to keep the kids amused lol 
  6. Wii bowling match- yet another great game for the family (if you have the wii) my youngest is a little too young and doesn’t quite understand what she needs to do but she loves watching. Oscar (my eldest) can get very competitive but so can I. I am the family champion to be honest!! 
  7. Flying a kite- we don’t often get a chance to fly a kite but it’s such a fun thing to do on a windy day. Kits are not too expensive and any age can give it a go. 
  8. Kick about (football)- my eldest would happily go out for a kick about at anytime. He loves football and loves playing with his dad or with friends at the park. Me…I won’t have a full on game but a kick back and forth to each other does me fine. 
  9. Storytelling with role play- I love reading to the kids and my littlest loves it the most. She also loves to dress up and join in while I read…setting up a picnic (tiger comes for tea) etc! 
  10. Baking cakes and cookies- of course another favourite in our family is baking together. We love it. They both love to help with adding Ingrediants, mixing and of course licking the bowl and spoons. 

Please let me know what games you like to play with your kids. Any ideas?! 

Thanks for reading xox 😘

Mums' Days

My Marvelous Mummy WishList…

I am a very lucky lady to have such wonderful things in my life…family, friends and a lovely home but sometimes a little treat won’t go a miss. 

I am writing this WishList as a reminder for me later…maybe when we have a little extra cash (that never happens) birthdays or special occasions. 

We all love a few lovely goodies and here are my top 10 treats I’d love…

My MarvelousMummy WishList:

  • Kitchen Aid Little pricey but wow woud I love one of these (in pink). I love to bake and owning a Kitchen Aid would be a dream. Have heard mixed reviews but they seem to be used by all the celebrity bakers and of course on GBBO. If you have one please let me know what u think? 
  •  Pandora Birthstone Earrings  These are so so pretty. I have the birthstone ring, so to have the earrings would be lovely. My birthstone is sapphire. Pandora is very popular and so so pretty! A must have…!! 
  • Bosch Cordless Jug Kettle Edit  I feel really old wanting to put this on my wish list…lol. The lovely people I babysit for have one of these kettles and they are fab. They work quickly and efficiently. They keep to different temperatures and come in white or black. I would much prefer the white one. They are pretty pricey but oh I do love it. If you have one let me know what you think? 
  • Orla Kiely Bags  A lovely bag and great quality. A friend of mine has this bag (different pattern/colour) and I do really like the styles and colours and patterns they come in. A pricey bag but I think it’s worth it. 
  •  Kindle Fire HDGreat product and fab for all the family. Ever since my obsession with ‘Fifty shades of grey’ I have really got into reading again. The fact you can use it for books games and apps, the kids will enjoy the benefits of it too. Anyone with a Kindle Fire HD please let me know ur pros and cons?! 
  •  Essie Nail Colour Collections Oh I am very much in love with Essie and their gorgeous colours. I had a pedi done and chose Essie’s Bungle Jungle …such a bright and beautiful colour. A must for any mani/pedi pro! 
  •  Cath Kidston  I love anything and everything to do with Cath Kidston …her floral patterns are so girly and pretty and just about goes with anything you wear. I love the messenger bags very much. The fabrics for kids are great too and I love the kitchen wear. 
  •  Havianas Just love a flip flop for those perfect summer days.  Havianas are very comfortable and come in such great style and colours. Anything bright I love for footwear. 
  •  Yankee Candles Now who doesn’t love a candle. I am obsessed with candles and if I could have a Yankee Candle  in ever room then I would. They all smell so good and look so pretty.
  •  Pandora Charm Bracelet   Again another lovely girlie piece from Pandora. You can collect some fab charms and they come in different designs. I love this and would love one very soon 😉 

Mum’s suffer colds & flu’s too…

Now they say mums don’t get ill (can’t get ill) that’s rubbish…we’re also human too and struggle when we are not well. 

  I don’t get sick a lot but when I do myself and Caitlyn are the ones that suffer ‘Man Flu’ symptoms. We moan and groan, we feel like we can’t do anything, we are hopeless at achieving anything and just wanna crawl up in bed and stay there. Anyone feel the same? 

When hubby leaves for work…I dread what the day will bring when I have two sprogs in tow. 

How do I keep the kiddies entertained when I can’t do anything for myself? I have two very active kids, but I haven’t even got much energy to move a finger! 

Here are a few ideas to keeping the kids entertained:

  • Allow iPad and WII usage whenever and for however long lol (keeps them busy and quiet) 
  • Watch movies all day long 
  • Allow friends and family to help out and take the kids out to burn some energy
  • Get them to help with chores and reward them when you are better 
  • Play dough is another perfect activity to keep them busy for hours 
  • Get the Lego out and have a building competition

I am very lucky to have some great friends who help out when I’m ill and get the kids out for fun and frolics. 

Like I say, I’m not ill that often but you always need that help when hubby is at work. 

What are your helpful tips to keep the kids busy and happy when you are not well…. 


Amazing Mummy Moments! 

When you become a mum you don’t really know what to expect or how to feel. 

You know you will love your child but you didn’t know they would complete you. Being a mum is tough but the most amazing, rewarding and satisfying feeling in the world. The love they show me (whether it be a little or a lot) is heart warming and breathtaking. A cuddle A kiss A smile…is all we need to show we care. 


  • Holding my babies for the first time. Feeling there soft skin against my own. Smelling them and feeling them close to me. The knowing that they are mine and I made them. Simply Saticfying.  (Caitlyn born Nov 2010)
  • Celebrating there birthdays, riding their bikes for the first time, accomplishing something for the first time. Seeing their happy and excited little faces beem with joy.  (Oscar recieving his first ever bike from his most amazing uncle in the world-summer 2012)
  • Oscar starting school back in 2012….seeing them in their uniform and amazing to see him going into school happy and excited (he has enjoyed school ever since)   
  • Oscar recieving awards at school and seeing he is trying his best at everything he does. My babies can do anything they put their mind too.  
  • Seeing my children look at me and need me so much when they are ill…knowing how much they rely on me to make them happy and well…(seeing them unwell isn’t amazing) but knowing that you are wanted and needed by the most important people in my life makes me fee wanted. 
  • Watching Caitlyn learn and play with her older brother…the love and joy they share with each other (fighting often too) is lovely to watch. 
  • Baking and cooking with the kids…they enjoy seeing their final result.  

I do enjoy such wonderful moments with my children and I am so happy to have this time with them and share fun days and happy moments. Love you Oscar and Caitlyn 💙❤️     

You Baby Me Mummy

Happy Easter! 


Hope you are all having a lovely day….we were so so unorganised we forgot to get the Sunday roast for today…#mummyfail

Mum and I went this morning to see if ANYTHING would be open…obviously nothing much was open (it’s like Christmas) so we raced to the Sainsburys Local and grabbed a yummy roast, now as we speak its cooking away in the oven thanks to hubby. 

I was organised with the Easter eggs and the kids loved their Easter egg hunt (not so many this year – thank god) and I’m sure dinner will be just as good. Roast chicken and the trimmings…lamb can come tomorrow! 

What is everyone eating today? Or is that a silly question?! In South Africa it used to be braai’s with cold meats and salads! Oh how I miss South Africa!! 

Wimbledon Tennis Easter FunDay!! 

We have had a fantastic Easter break with the kids already but today has been so much fun….we haven’t really done a lot of easter celebrating except at Denbies. 

Today we were lucky enough to be invited to the Wimbledon Tennis Staff Easter Fun Day.  


Mum has been working at The AELTC for nearly 13 years and we are very lucky to be able to attend the tennis in the summer, as well as this fun family day. 

Layout of the day: 

11.30 – arrive (tea & coffee) 

11.45 – 12.45 children’s entertainer Jelly Kelly (fantastic for all ages) 


1.30 – 2.15 Easter Egg hunt around the grounds

Collect Easter eggs and gift bag

3pm FINISH – the kids loved it! 

Jelly Kelly (The Entertainer) Fantastic Party Entertainer

Jelly Kelly kept the kids completely and utterly entertained (as well as keeping us adults amused too) with fab:

  • Pranks 
  • Jokes 
  • Magic 
  • Balloon models
  • Dress up 
  • Dancing 

Jelly Kelly was bubbly and funny and the kids loved her. I certainly would recommend her to anyone looking for child entertainers from 3+ years. 


          There were other fun activities for the kids to do…

  • Table Tennis 
  • Snakes and Ladders  
  • Hoopla 
  • Connect 4
  • Huge Jenga 
  • Easter Basket Craft     The Easter egg hunt was very fun too!! The kids loved learning a little about tennis and answering the questions.  


The kids had to collect the numbered eggs, then received their chocolate eggs and a goodie bag at the end of the day. FAB FAB FAB😋 

   You know you have a great goodie bag when there is a Lindt chocolate bunny inside 🐰👍

Very thankful to mum for taking us with her. The kids are all chocolated out (is that possible?) 

Happy Easter Guys and Girls 💐🐣

Our adventures exploring Kent! 

We had a beautiful day spend in Kent on Wednesday…we explored the beaches, the towns and the countryside. 

My husband’s mum was layed to rest in Canterbury so we made sure this holiday was spent with Nana butterfly.

The other reason for this trip is to explore a possible move. Hubby has lived in SUTTON all his life and I have lived here nearly 20 years, it’s just about time to leave this place. Organising or even discussing any move is hard when you have two sprogs to think about it. We thought about South Africa but this seems to be the easiest possible option for now. 

Firstly our day started in Faversham! 

I found Faversham to be a sweet little town but not busy enough for our little family. The hussel and bussle wouldn’t be too far for us to get to and I’m sure the prices of homes in Faversham are a little less cheaper but it just seemed far too quite for me…

While we were there we walked the town centre….no chain stores around but we saw the swimming pool centre and play area just by the parking lot. We didn’t stay long at all so I can’t really pass on any judgment as of yet. 

The kids enjoyed a run around!  

     After our very quick pit stop we headed over to the pretty town of Whitstable . I have an old friend that lives here and she can’t stop raving about her life here and so she should. It’s so cute and friendly and an extra bonus is that it is by the sea side. 

We enjoyed a walk along the coast and we had a ball. Although it was an extremely windy day, we still had a fab picnic with a view of the sea.  

         The kids most definitely enjoyed throwing pebbles into the sea. They didn’t wanna go home. “When can we move here mummy!”   

Such a lovely view…just love to be beside the seaside. 




The kids had the best time just playing running and throwing pebbles. Although the sea looks pretty horrid (windy and brown) it was so lovely to be there. I’m sure the surrounding areas are beautiful in the summer. 

Hubby and I enjoyed a selfie… 

While we were in Whitstable town we enjoyed a little coffee treat and explored the shops. Very good selection of shops, not like Faversham lol! 

After Whitstable…we headed to Canterbury. Visited nana butterfly then onto dinner in the high street.  

We loved our day their and hope to visit again soon. 

Anyone have good tips or advice about Kent?! 

Thanks for reading guys!   





First time…Carrot Cake Connoisseur!

Oscar was stuck with dad doing some work but Caitlyn helped with the baking and she was a great help. 

We didn’t have all the ingredients so we popped to the shop, then the park, then home to start our carrot cake baking.

Cake Ingredients:

  • Self-Raising Flour
  • Ground Cinnamon 
  • Caster Sugar 
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Eggs 
  • Grated Carrots 
  • Walnuts

Icing Ingrediants: 

  • Cream Cheese
  • Margarine 
  • Icing Sugar
  • Walnuts
  • Vanilla Essence

Here is the recipe to look at and how to make. Carrot Cake

Cooks in 30 minutes, preparation is 30 minutes and very simple to make. I would prepare all the Ingrediants and place in order and in containers so all you need to do is throw it in and mix away. 

  1. Mix in a bowl 250g self – rasing flour and 2bsp cinnamon. 
  2.  Then  add 400g caster sugar and 350g sunflower oil.  
  3. Mix it all well together then add, grated carrots, 4 eggs and crushed walnuts.      Doesn’t look very appealing does it lol!!  
  4. Now here is the final product…oh it sure did taste very yummy with a cuppa. I’m impressed!!   

Have a great long weekend ladies and gents…Happy Easter💐🐇🐣🐰🌸

Stressed out MUM-Parenting!

Parenting can be such great fun and can certainly be very rewarding but I also have very ‘scream in the pillow’ and ‘grey hairs’ kinda days/weeks.

My son is 7 going on 17 and yes he knows EVERYTHING and strops like you won’t believe. Drives me up the wall, but of course I love him so very much!

My daughter is 4 and yes she is such a little princess lol! 

I am a SAHM and I love spending this time with them, picking them up from school/nursery, going on play dates etc but I do feel like my brain is slightly shrivelled up and I don’t quite know who ‘Shannan’ is anymore. All I seem to be is MUM not just SHANNAN!! 

As much as I’d like to go back to work, I can’t as Caitlyn’s nursery haven’t any more space for her to go longer in the day. This month we find out about schools-can’t wait! September can’t come any sooner but the. I also don’t want my last little ‘baby’ to grow and change into a ‘BIG GIRL’ as she says.

I do find I have days when I’m constantly shouting, screaming and moaning. The kids don’t want to listen to me, are cheeky and are just playing up, probably because I’m so moody and shouty. Half the time I know it’s premenstral but deep down…I’m tired, bored and need to find something for me to do. That’s why I stared blogging. 

Do any of you mums know what I’m talking about. I’m always looking up ways to find calm and patients and Pinterest is always a good guide. 

Here are a few ideas Iv found for me to look through! 

It’s the holidays and sometimes I really looking forward to them and look forward to fun days out…but sometimes I feel nervous (am I going to shout all holiday?) why can’t I say to myself “relax women and enjoy” is there something wrong with me?! 

How can I be cross with these two!!

 But then on dodgy days I’m like…⤵️

I think deep down I must be too hard on myself and yes I must calm down a little…they are only little for such a short time! 

Hope you enjoyed the read! XoX