What my sign says about ME! 

So I’m a big fan of finding out facts and figures all to do with star signs and their meanings…star signs really do say a lot about who you are and how you work and that really fascinates me. What is it about the stars that tell us how we are as people, how we act, socialise, love etc. 

Some people might not believe in or understand astrology or what the signs mean, but each to their own. 

My birthday is late September so I am a LIBRA…

Libra is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, all the others representing either humans or animals.

Here are my LIBRA traits : 

  • Diplomatic and Urbane 
  • Romantic and Charming 
  • Easygoing and sociable 
  • Idealistic and Peaceful 
  • Lovable 

I find myself to be very friendly and outgoing…I love talking to people and I’m definitely a social butterfly. Considering I have a busy household and completely tired at the end of each day, I would love to socialise more with friends. Although I do a lot of socialising with friends during the day: school mums, nursery mums etc! 

You might have to ask the husband if I am romantic. I like to think I am hahahah but after 12 years of being together and 2 kids, I’m tired!

There is a dark side to me too: 

  • Indecisive and Changeable 
  • Gullible and Easily Influenced 
  • flirtatious and Self Indelgent 

I can be very indecisive but also very stubborn…I wouldn’t say I chop and change my mind with everything even more so when it comes to important decisions, I’m not just going to choose the first option that gets thrown at me. 

YES I AM VERY GULLIBLE!!!!!! Possibly my WORST TRAIT….am I easily led?? WoW I really hope not. Not keen on that one bit. Anyone who knows me and reads this…let me know lol? 

LIBRANS are sensitive to the needs of others…

LIBRANS cast of mind is artistic rather than intellectual…

LIBRANS can shock everyone around them with sudden storms of rage. 

LIBRANS health problems – Lower Back and Kidneys 


So deep down I am a happy and social person but if im having lower back pain then I’m likely to storm into rage lol 

Really hope you enjoyed my post…thank you for reading xox

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