Mummy Monday #2 

 Being a stay at home mum can be very busy and very tiring but I’m also lucky to get a couple mornings to myself while my littlest goes to nursery. 

Monday mornings she is at nursery so I try to get stuff done while she is out : washing, cleaning, shopping BUT I also fit in a little ‘ME’ time. 

Wait what is ‘ME’ time? I’d say these are my chosen treats…

  • Quiet ‘HOT’ cuppa
  • Reading a magazine/book 
  • Watching MY shows (no Disney Channel or Nic) 
  • Blogging in peace so I can think straight 
  • Cleaning with NO kids in my way – they like helping but I find i secretly do it again when they not lookibg 😉 except when they make their beds, they are doing well with that task) 
  • Food shopping
  • Meet with friends  
  • Sitting and putting my feet up 

Although I love this time I get to myself, I am also making the most of these next few months till she starts ‘BIG SCHOOL’ in Sep and I have to look for a job AGAIN lol! 

Our Monday consisted of me collecting madam at 1 and popping home to take the shopping in and make up a mini picnic for us. 

Then we headed to the park and have been chilling here ever since. We have played with friends, snacked on our treats (sausages, cheese biscuits, grapes and had a sneaky ice cream) and Iv had a chin wag with the mums. 

The sun is out but it’s a little breezy and I haven’t brought a coat #MummyFail 

We have had a fab few hours and look forward to more picnics and play dates in the sun.  

Mummy daughter shoes 👟👣  

 Mummy daughter bags 👜👛 

Thanks for reading xox 

12 thoughts on “Mummy Monday #2 

  1. My son started nursery today. A miracle happened and my youngest slept while he was at nursery so I got to put my feet up for an hour. First time I’ve had an hour to myself for as long as I can remember. Actually, writing this comment has inspired my next blog post 😉 I’ll be sure to mention this post when I write it 🙂

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