Mum’s suffer colds & flu’s too…

Now they say mums don’t get ill (can’t get ill) that’s rubbish…we’re also human too and struggle when we are not well. 

  I don’t get sick a lot but when I do myself and Caitlyn are the ones that suffer ‘Man Flu’ symptoms. We moan and groan, we feel like we can’t do anything, we are hopeless at achieving anything and just wanna crawl up in bed and stay there. Anyone feel the same? 

When hubby leaves for work…I dread what the day will bring when I have two sprogs in tow. 

How do I keep the kiddies entertained when I can’t do anything for myself? I have two very active kids, but I haven’t even got much energy to move a finger! 

Here are a few ideas to keeping the kids entertained:

  • Allow iPad and WII usage whenever and for however long lol (keeps them busy and quiet) 
  • Watch movies all day long 
  • Allow friends and family to help out and take the kids out to burn some energy
  • Get them to help with chores and reward them when you are better 
  • Play dough is another perfect activity to keep them busy for hours 
  • Get the Lego out and have a building competition

I am very lucky to have some great friends who help out when I’m ill and get the kids out for fun and frolics. 

Like I say, I’m not ill that often but you always need that help when hubby is at work. 

What are your helpful tips to keep the kids busy and happy when you are not well…. 


5 thoughts on “Mum’s suffer colds & flu’s too…

  1. Oh I hate being ill when the kids are feeling energetic! It’s so hard!! I’m the same – movies and iPads it is. They also like to play games and do jigsaws which I can just about manage! It isn’t fun though! Agree that we can’t really be ill, it isn’t allowed! 😉 Jess x

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