Amazing Mummy Moments! 

When you become a mum you don’t really know what to expect or how to feel. 

You know you will love your child but you didn’t know they would complete you. Being a mum is tough but the most amazing, rewarding and satisfying feeling in the world. The love they show me (whether it be a little or a lot) is heart warming and breathtaking. A cuddle A kiss A smile…is all we need to show we care. 


  • Holding my babies for the first time. Feeling there soft skin against my own. Smelling them and feeling them close to me. The knowing that they are mine and I made them. Simply Saticfying.  (Caitlyn born Nov 2010)
  • Celebrating there birthdays, riding their bikes for the first time, accomplishing something for the first time. Seeing their happy and excited little faces beem with joy.  (Oscar recieving his first ever bike from his most amazing uncle in the world-summer 2012)
  • Oscar starting school back in 2012….seeing them in their uniform and amazing to see him going into school happy and excited (he has enjoyed school ever since)   
  • Oscar recieving awards at school and seeing he is trying his best at everything he does. My babies can do anything they put their mind too.  
  • Seeing my children look at me and need me so much when they are ill…knowing how much they rely on me to make them happy and well…(seeing them unwell isn’t amazing) but knowing that you are wanted and needed by the most important people in my life makes me fee wanted. 
  • Watching Caitlyn learn and play with her older brother…the love and joy they share with each other (fighting often too) is lovely to watch. 
  • Baking and cooking with the kids…they enjoy seeing their final result.  

I do enjoy such wonderful moments with my children and I am so happy to have this time with them and share fun days and happy moments. Love you Oscar and Caitlyn 💙❤️     

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Mummy Moments! 

  1. hannah mum's days says:

    So lovely!!! I love the first shot of Caitlin staring up at her daddy 🙂 and there’s nothing better than little ones in uniform! just so cute! Thanks for linking up lovely xx

    #TheList xxx

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