Our adventures exploring Kent! 

We had a beautiful day spend in Kent on Wednesday…we explored the beaches, the towns and the countryside. 

My husband’s mum was layed to rest in Canterbury so we made sure this holiday was spent with Nana butterfly.

The other reason for this trip is to explore a possible move. Hubby has lived in SUTTON all his life and I have lived here nearly 20 years, it’s just about time to leave this place. Organising or even discussing any move is hard when you have two sprogs to think about it. We thought about South Africa but this seems to be the easiest possible option for now. 

Firstly our day started in Faversham! 

I found Faversham to be a sweet little town but not busy enough for our little family. The hussel and bussle wouldn’t be too far for us to get to and I’m sure the prices of homes in Faversham are a little less cheaper but it just seemed far too quite for me…

While we were there we walked the town centre….no chain stores around but we saw the swimming pool centre and play area just by the parking lot. We didn’t stay long at all so I can’t really pass on any judgment as of yet. 

The kids enjoyed a run around!  

     After our very quick pit stop we headed over to the pretty town of Whitstable . I have an old friend that lives here and she can’t stop raving about her life here and so she should. It’s so cute and friendly and an extra bonus is that it is by the sea side. 

We enjoyed a walk along the coast and we had a ball. Although it was an extremely windy day, we still had a fab picnic with a view of the sea.  

         The kids most definitely enjoyed throwing pebbles into the sea. They didn’t wanna go home. “When can we move here mummy!”   

Such a lovely view…just love to be beside the seaside. 




The kids had the best time just playing running and throwing pebbles. Although the sea looks pretty horrid (windy and brown) it was so lovely to be there. I’m sure the surrounding areas are beautiful in the summer. 

Hubby and I enjoyed a selfie… 

While we were in Whitstable town we enjoyed a little coffee treat and explored the shops. Very good selection of shops, not like Faversham lol! 

After Whitstable…we headed to Canterbury. Visited nana butterfly then onto dinner in the high street.  

We loved our day their and hope to visit again soon. 

Anyone have good tips or advice about Kent?! 

Thanks for reading guys!   





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