Fruits a plenty…My CrushedUK Review! 

Now being a parent to two very hungry little monsters, I find it very frustrating to find something healthy in the kitcen (every minute of every day) to feed the kids.

I am constantly being pestered for snacks and anything to do with food…”mum can I have something to eat?” (in a very whiney voice)

Mums are always looking for healthy alternatives for snacks and treats and I have found the perfect treat! 

Crushed Fruit Snacks were delivered to our home and we were very much excited to open up our package. 


We received a pack of 4 Apple and Strawberry Compotes and 2 Apple and Banana CrushedUK compotes. 

These yummy treats are suitable for children (12 months +) and all adults too. They are low in fat and they are a LONG LIFE product. Can be eaten frozen (like a frozen fruit snack) or just straight from the fridge. 

They are to be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere…

  • After School Snack
  • Breakfast Booster
  • Road Trips
  • Gym Buddy Booster 
  • School Lunch Treat 
  • Evening pudding 

We certainly enjoyed eating them….




We absolutely loved these flavours. Apple and Strawberry were the kids and hubby’s fav and I loved the Apple and Banana flavour. We much prefered them after leaving them in the freezer for a little. Especially good when cooling and soothing an aching throat. Oscar took his to school for his playtime snack and when I collected him from school he said “We so need to have more of these at home, my friends wanted some lol” 

You can find these little babies in Waitrose (in store and online) take a look guys and order!! 

They are so juicy and fruity and if I was to suggest anything to CrushedUK it would be to possibly turn them into fruit lolly pops for summer days and fruit juices! 

Thank you CrushedUK for letting me review this product. 

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