Morning at Denbies…

So it’s the 2nd day of holidays and it’s been yet another hectic day with the rugrats. 

How is it that when you could easily have a lazy morning, really can’t be bothered to get up and get ready and the kids are not pestering you to get out to blow steam, you have a day planned with friends. Well we got out and was blown over (excuse the pun) by the fun and frolics the kids had with friends. 

We planned to attend Denbies Easter Activities and we had lots of fun. 

The kids (well us adults) took part in the buzzy bee easter trail (raising bee awareness) and although the kids didn’t wanna be involved (just wanted to run all round the garden) they were lucky enough to be rewarded with the bumble bee chocolate treat. 

As well as paying for the trail, the kids got to choose out of two objects to paint for their craft session. The kids all chose wooden spoons and loved being able to decorate them. 

Here are a few pictures of the little artists themselves! 


       The kids were very happy with what they had produced. 

We also briefly saw the Birds of prey on display…the joys of seeing them eat little chicks ‘not so joyful’!! 



So if your looking for something to do…take a look at Denbies Easter Activities !! 

Thank you Carly and kids for a fun day 👍😀

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