Here is my first ‘MeandMine’ family portrait session for March! 

My beautiful family in South Africa  

 My husband (the bearded one) and my beautiful babies…OB 7 years old and Cakie 4 years old! Oh how I love them so! 

Memories to cherish forever….holidays in SA! 


These two monkeys really do drive me up the wall…but their smiles, their love and (when they are listening) just makes me melt 💞

Family means more to me than anything and so it should. We all look forward to such amazing things coming our way over the next few years….can’t wait to enjoy it all with my one and only!

dear beautiful

6 thoughts on “MeandMine…March! 

    • Yes it sure is honey, although the little one we are stroking laying on the floor is a white tiger cub lol …that’s why people need to visit South Africa lol 🙂 they kids loved it….


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