A Muddy Mingle with Mates! 

Easter holidays started brilliantly…if there is one thing u must do when u haven’t really got much planned, you must catch up with good friends at the park. 

We visited a local park near to were we live called Nonsuch Park. It’s Big Beautiful and Brilliant for little explorers.  We arrived around 10 and enjoyed a chit chat while the kids explored the very cool sloped hill which they loved rolling, running and jumping all over. 



Don’t expect to dress in nice clothes…the minute we arrived OB fell over in a puddle! They all pretty much looked like mud monsters but so much fun was had. 

Then after they let loose a little, we headed into the coffee shop. I heard the bakery treats inside are from Jamie Oliver – yum!! I didn’t have any bakery treats but they sure did have some yummy bits. 

  • Lemon shortbread
  • Victoria sponge 
  • Chocolate cake 
  • Carrot cake 
  • Scones 
  • Tarts 

I enjoyed a latte and I bought the kids a smarties cookie. 

Once we where well watered and refreshed we went for a walk around the grounds. 

The kids found perfect trees to climb (taking me back to my African childhood) and only one accident. A little scratch after climbing a tree just shows your an adventures little monkey 👍

The kids took their scooters which was also good fun at first but then a little bit of a chore for us mums when they can’t be bothered to use them and find much more interesting things to do!! 

We ended our Muddy Mingle with a fab group photo. 


Think it’s safe to say…we all had a fab time with our friends 👍😀 

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