Fantastic educational Apps we love…

There are so many fantastic apps out their for kids to play and learn. 

My children are completely addicted to  games and love exploring new apps. 

Here are a few we have tried and tested and some we plan on trying out ourselves…  

Room on the Broom (4+) £0.79p

  • Collect starts as you fly 
  • Pick up all her friends (dog bird and frog) 
  • BEWARE of the dragon 
  • Catch letters and spell phonics words 
  • Great visual images as is in the book

My kids love the book and love the film on AmazonPrime. Definitely good for the little ones. 


Justin’s World – Alphabet Machine (4+) £2.99 

  • 26 comedy clips by Justin 
  • Interactive games 
  • Fun learning based around PNS (Primary National Stratery) 


Endless Alphabet (4+) £4.99

  • Word games teaches children letters 
  • Over 50 words to learn and play 
  • Animation teaching the children the meanings of the world
  • No scores, No failures… just allowing the children to play / explore at their own pace 


Endless Reader FREE

This is a free app and allows the children to learn simple words. They are then put into a sentence which also shows brilliant animation of what the sentence is about.

  • Bold colours 
  • Simple words 
  • Simple sentences 
  • Buy to allow for more words and more sentences 

 Thinkrolls (4+) £2.29 

  • Create little problem solvers 
  • Navigating 
  • Physics puzzlers 
  • Build on – Observation, Reasoning, Problem Solving, Spatial Cognition and Memory 


  • A Bear Called Paddington £2.49
  • Baby Bear, Baby Bear, what do you see? £6.99
  • Zoo animals – Touch Look Listen £1.99

Hope you enjoy these fun apps….

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