Happy Easter…


 WOW can’t believe our first week of easter holidays start in less than 12 hours…

So thankful to hubby for taking the kids out ALL afternoon today so I could prep the house (clean and tidy) and sorted ready for my first week with the monsters.

So our first week looks fully booked and filled with fun, well that’s if the kids listen and do as they told (FAT CHANCE) think I’ll have to stock up on wine and ciders 😜

We look forward to seeing friends, days out, Easter egg trails and craft sessions, trip to Kent and a cinema trip. Seen as we are Kidspace and Hobbledown membership holders, I’m sure we will end up there too. I must say….it’s the best days out for the kids. 

I have also written out a weekly plan for Oscar to see what we have planned for the week and I have written down that we will be doing at least 15/20 mins (SATS practice sheets) possibly every other day. Fingers crossed we follow through with this plan, it’s needed!! 

Please take a look at these great Easter Craft Ideas to do with the kids. Look like such fun! 

Well I really hope you all have a fantastic week💐💞😀

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