Welcome Oscar and Caitlyn

My babies… 

I would do anything for these two beauties but wow do they drive me up the wall.

Oscar – My very outgoing, handsome, happy little boy turned 7 this year (2015)he is completely obsessed with football and his new craze ‘minecraft’ and ‘yoyo cards’. He is such a happy go lucky little man and I am so proud of the person he is turning into.

Caitlyn – My very cheeky, happy, smiley and cheerful little lady turns 5 this year (2015) can’t believe how quickly the time is going. She is a real girlie girl but can also play like a real tom boy. She has a great balance about her. You make me proud with your amazing confidence young lady.

This was a happy day…no shock here but the last few days their ears haven’t really worked very well…(Iv threatened an ear doctor app) GRRRRR! There manners are hiding somewhere and they strop like 15 year olds! But yet we are still looking forward to the Easter holiday madness.

Also I have to say….hubby and I sure do make beautiful babies…

My beautiful daughter 💞 


My handsome son 💞

These pics were taken today at Kidpsace. We had a fab day xox

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