My MOJO has dissolved…

It’s been a few weeks since Iv posted on my blog and I feel like I have lost my mojo somehow. 

2 weeks ago my little madam and I fell ill with the horrid flu, chest infections and little lady also had tonsillitis….it wasn’t a good week and I certainly didn’t have anything fun or exciting to say! Do any of you have days like that?? 

I have also felt a little low about work and doing something for myself (career wise) I have thought long and hard on what to do and still nothing has jumped out at me. Even if I wanted to go back to work now there is no way I could find help with collecting and taking the kids to school/nursery and with Caitlyn only doing two mornings and 1 afternoon, I couldn’t even extend her hours at nursery as there are no spaces for her. It’s soooooo annoying! 

What to do….all I can do is possibly wait until she starts school in Septemper. Then I’d like to think of something to do from home. 

After recently chatting to a good friend of mine in the ‘recruitment’ profession and running her own business, I would love to look into setting up my own nanny agency….BUT where the hell do I start???!!! SCARY!!!!! 

Anyway I’m gonna try get back into the swing of things and start up my MOJO again! 

Any tips or help welcome lol! 

Oh and ….how on earth have the Easter holidays snuck up on us so quickly? What are your plans? 


6 thoughts on “My MOJO has dissolved…

  1. I hope your little madam is feeling much better hon!
    Yes I know exactly what you mean about having things to write about and when I do right something I constantly worry if it’s any good etc.
    Good for you wanting to get back out there and working again, it’s so nice that you already have something in mind!xx

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