Point + Shoot 

Its been a boring and very sick weekend 😒

My little lady fell ill on Saturday and very unwell the Sunday too. Then mummy (ME) fell ill too! 

She had a horrid fever and we had to pop to the out of hours docs which they say everything was completely fine. All she needs is rest and ibuprofen! 

On Saturday I did some baking which I love sooooo much! 

Here is my banana, pineapple and coconut cake! 

Here is my Chocolate Brownies 😋

Now I’m ill and hoping this yummy drink will sort my throat out 😞

<img src="https://marvelousmummy.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/img_6899.jpg&quot;


11 thoughts on “Point + Shoot 

    • Thank you so much! Madam has a chest infection and tonsillitis and I feel I might have the same 😦 no sweet treats with our sicknesses. It I’ll be looking forward to them when I’m better lol 😜


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