What’s Your Weekend?

Seema to have a busy but quiet weekend…

Friday after school we headed to the park. It was lovely and sunny but their was a chilly breeze, so we headed back, chilled out and got Oscar ready for Beavers. 

Mum and I headed out to see ’50 Shades of Grey’…WOW I loved it. I didn’t read the book but I agreed to go along with mum. As you can see I don’t get easily embarrassed! Mum and I loved it. 

Saturday (today) hasn’t been all I expected. We planned to take Oscar back to football training as the weather was so lovely but little lady fell ill and had a high temp so we chilled indoors. Mum then came over to watch madam so I could take Oscar to the park to play footy. Was lots of fun! 

Went out for dinner with hubby and just enjoyed ‘US’ time 😋

Sunday (tomorrow) We will be seeing how madam is feeling, so we have a few things up our sleeve as hubby is home with us 👍

Hope you all had a great weekend xox 

What's Your Weekend?

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