Proud Parent Moment!

Another proud moment in a parents life. 

You go through the ‘proud moments’ like my child took their first steps, doesn’t wear nappies anymore, can ride his bike with no stabilisers, can swim etc…But it’s always so brilliant when you hear they are doing so well at school. 

“Oscar is such a helpful and caring boy ” says Miss Riches.

“He is hard working and tries his best” 

“He loves learning maths and is doing very well with mental maths” Me: yippeeee well done boy. That was always mums worst thing at school lol! 

“He is not so fidgety anymore but still asking for the toilet and a drink far too much” Me: well he is known for getting out of anything at home.

“His reading is coming on well but must practice more writing…remembering to use connective words and remember to read through his sentences”

I feel my boy has come on so much since being in year 2 and really has enjoyed having this GREAT teacher. He is taking in more and loving the subjects. 

All I wanna say Oscar is mum and dad are very proud of you and everything you do makes us so happy you are our son. 

Can’t believe he will be sitting his Year 2 S.A.T.s in May 😁 Good Luck Boy xx

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