Are you JUST surviving or Living? 

Are you just surviving through life day in day out or are we living the days with fun, enjoyment and new challenges? 

Hubby and I seem to be asking ourselves this question a lot lately. 

My husband is from London and I am from South Africa. Hubby proposed in SA, we married in SA and try to holiday their as much as we can. Our last holiday their at Christmas just gone was superb. When we got back hubby felt extremely home sick considering he isn’t even from there. 

Hubby would move their in an instant whereas I fell uneasy abou that idea. I have a couple good reasons why but I would also wanna be with my family in an instant. I feel like Africa is part of me and I miss it terribly but I just don’t feel ‘ready’ or ‘comfortable’ to live their full stop. I guess living in London for 19 years and bringing up my kids here just makes me feel like ‘this is my home’ now. Sorry if I’m rambling….

Going back to surviving or living….living in South Africa would be very different compared to here, not only is the weather amazing and their is much more space to drive, live and breath, we would be with more family, the kids would have cousins to play with and I’d be closer to my dad and brother….(I sure would miss mum though😢) these should wanna make me wanna move straight away but you also have to pay health care and schooling is private and crime really worries me. It’s funny though, when I’m their on holiday I feel so happy and so content but who doesn’t feel that way when they are on holiday anywhere in this world. Living life in Africa you really do get to live, outdoor living is the best too. Although summers in London are brilliant and so fun, I feel the majority of life in London is just trying to survive. The cost of living in London is extremely high, so many people most the time can’t even afford to rent yet alone buy property. We are very lucky not to have to pay for schooling and health care but we all still moan that service can be shit 😴it’s getting boring! So South Africa Vs England!!!

If we were to stay in England then I would love to be in Kent ‘the garden of England’ I just love the towns and villages in and around Kent. It’s so pretty and that little bit cheaper than London. 

All together though we are extremely confused about what to do!! 

What is life all about? What do we choose living or just plain surviving? 

Please can you tell me if you had to make huge decisions about moving because of either work, family or just to change ur way of life for the best?! 

This is why we miss SOUTH AFRICA…

My darling Brad left and brother Darren right❤️

My daddy ❤️

Mami 2 Five

5 thoughts on “Are you JUST surviving or Living? 

  1. internationalelfservice says:

    I’m afraid I’m no help at all. I absoutely adore SA and have had a few big trips there over the years. It’s just so so stunning and beautiful. On the other hand, I also love London – the buzz, the people the eclectic mix of things to do, though yes it is a different way of life. More pictures of SA please 🙂

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  2. teacuptoria says:

    What a difficult decision you have to make! I have never been to SA but it looks stunningly beautiful. I always say home is where the heart is so as long as my family are there, it’s where I want to be. So my advice is to follow your hearts. xx

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    • Thank you so much for reading….I find the friends I have made here are my family as well as my blood family in South Africa. I worry so much about cost and crime their but the weather and life style and my family make it hard lol it’s just tricky lol


  3. I’ve always wanted to go to South Africa it looks so beautiful and I imagine the space out there is fantastic. I’ve never had to make a huge decision like that so it must be so hard. I feel like two hours away from my family is too far! If you feel like you are just surviving in London then perhaps you have made up your mind already though?! Thanks for joining in with #sundaystars

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    • Thanks for the lovely message. U must most definitely visit SA. It’s a brilliant place and so much fun and exciting new experiences you can try 🙂 at the moment the move to SA will be on hold but we only live in a two bed flat so 4 of us as the kids grow is becoming tight lol we do like the option of Kent (cheaper and by the sea) let’s see what a year brings 😉


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